Kangana opens up about Drug Use within Bollywood

Actress Kangana Ranaut opened up about drug use within Bollywood. She also revealed some of the experiences she came across.

Kangana opens up about Drug Use within Bollywood f

"as an outsider I used to never be invited for it"

Kangana Ranaut has spoken about the issue of drug use within Bollywood. The actress said that drugs are common at Bollywood parties and those within the industry give drugs to newcomers.

In an interview, Kangana claimed that 99% of Bollywood stars use drugs, most of the time at these parties.

She said: “Some drugs dealers supply drugs like cocaine, LSD, ecstasy etc to them, she said. Everything is handled in a systematic manner. Their wives also host these parties. It is a different environment altogether.

“You will find people who only do drugs and indulge in debauchery in such parties.”

She then revealed that an actor tried to have her jailed because she knew about his drug overdose.

Kangana explained that the actor’s family were making a film and she had a small role. Filming took place in Las Vegas and she said it was her introduction to drugs within Bollywood.

She said that the star and his wife would take drugs freely, sometimes on the filmset.

Kangana was friends with the actor but when they did another film together, their “friendship turned into an affair”.

According to the Queen actress, the affair gave her access to the “big world” of Bollywood.

“When the inner circle came to know about our relationship, I then started getting invited into their parties because as an outsider I used to never be invited for it and it’s a very close-knit circle.”

She revealed that the actor was once hospitalised due to a drug overdose.

“At that time, this person who considers himself a superhero got a big attack of drug overdose.

“He was admitted to the Kokilaben Hospital and this is a known fact. He got a reaction into his lungs I think, however, the hospital won’t reveal it and the matter was done and dusted there itself.”

As a result of the overdose, the actor and his wife divorced but due to Kangana knowing about his “secret”, the actor and his family allegedly tried to have her jailed.

“His wife had a mental breakdown because of this. So much of drugs, partners and relationships, so later when they got divorced, his father stated that for his grandchildren they should not get divorced.

“The duo then created a conspiracy to put me into jail.

“Despite the divorce, they are still living together, whether it is for money, only they can tell.”

Kangana also shockingly revealed that a mentor-like figure would drug her when she first entered the Hindi film industry.

An agency had signed her and she went to Mumbai. Whilst there, she befriended an actor who soon became like a mentor to her.

The man started taking her to parties and she soon started feeling intimidated by him after getting intoxicated. She later realised her drink was spiked.

Kangana said that the man became her “self-appointed husband”. He used to abuse her and hit her with slippers. She said that the man used to give drugs to make her hallucinate.

The actress alleged that the man began sedating her to prevent her from going to film shoots.

Reportedly, she told director Anurag Basu who let her stay in his office to protect her.

Kangana has stated that if she was still living in Mumbai, she would have been killed for talking about the ‘Bollywood mafia’. She has been living in Manali since the lockdown.

“If they are mighty and powerful, how can I harm them? Then why do they want to put me behind bars? They know that I know these secrets so they tried to discredit me, termed me bipolar, or get me killed.”

“For me, it’s do or die. If I don’t finish my enemies, they will finish me, I will not stop.”

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