John Abraham on Bollywood: ‘We are Crucified for it’

Bollywood’s Man of Steel, John Abraham has opened up about Bollywood and why his outlook differs from those around him.

John Abraham on Bollywood_ ‘We are Crucified for it’ f

"There’s a lot of negativity today in the industry."

Bollywood actor John Abraham, who made it into the film industry on his own merit without any connections has revealed his thoughts on the industry.

Known as Bollywood’s Man of Steel, John Abraham is popular for both his good looks and acting.

The actor’s career spanning 17 years has certainly taught him a lot as he continues to work on-screen and behind the camera.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Abraham opened up about the world of Bollywood.

Currently, many dark secrets are being bought to light about the film industry. In particular, concerning Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case.

Abraham admitted that there are both good and bad people in the industry. He said:

“People who are accommodating, some who are not so accommodating. As a whole, the industry has been very gracious and extremely good.

“Contrary to the way people are looking at our industry today, I think it’s a good place, it’s not that bad.”

John Abraham on Bollywood_ ‘We are Crucified for it’ - white

The Force (2011) actor continued to mention that negative things happen in every field of work.

However, he feels the industry is targeted more because it is always in the spotlight. John Abraham explained:

“In our industry, it’s only more conspicuous, it’s out there in the open and we get crucified a lot for it.

“Have I got opportunities from people who have been in the industry? Yes.

“Have I been the flag bearer for taking people outside the industry (in films I have produced)? Yes.

“I have been in both places and there’s no thumb rule that someone is good or bad. It’s a very individual place.

“You can choose to create your own path.”

As well as acting on the big screen, John Abraham has produced films like Madras Café (2013) and Vicky Donor (2012). They have gone on to be both critical and commercial hits.

Referring to Bollywood as a “very democratic place,” he further adds:

“It’s the only place where I feel we are agnostic to religion. Even if religion is being thrust today in our system, there are a lot of us who choose to be agnostic to religion.

“That’s great and a good example for a lot of people. There’s a lot of negativity today in the industry.

“But I want to be that one person and one of those few, however you want to look at it, who people look out to and say, ‘Hey, no, this place is decent, look at him.

“He’s survived and standing here talking to us, he has nothing negative to say about anyone.

“He feels positive about everybody and himself and his work. Why can’t we use him as an example? If John Abraham can, we can’.”

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