Rhea and Sushant’s Audio Leaked

An audio clip has been leaked in which Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty are in discussion concerning financial dealings.

Rhea and Sushant's Audio Leaked f

"How can we end all this and save money?"

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case continues to unravel with the latest development being a leaked audio clip of the late actor’s conversation involving Rhea, a consultant and advisor.

The actor reportedly committed suicide on 14 June 2020. Since his tragic demise, various shocking revelations have been coming to light.

The new audio from January 2020 reveals the late actor and Rhea Chakraborty in conversation with a consultant and advisor concerning financial dealings.

From talking about retirement, leaving the city to selling his vehicles, it appears Rhea Chakraborty does most of the talking.

Interestingly, the actress has always denied involvement in the late actor’s financial dealings.

According to India Forums, a section of the leaked audio is as follows:

Rhea: “Sushant should prepare money for FD. I want all this as an example that I am not there, Shruti and Miranda are also not there and some new person is with Sushant.

“He gets Sushant’s card. The first thing I would say to Sushant is to make FD of all the money. We will keep all Sushant’s money in FD.

“Sushant’s card will not have more than 10-15 lakhs. Secondly, the money which Sushant holds, which keeps Sushant from getting interest.

“Sushant’s deposit will also be safe. No FD can be broken without Sushant’s signature.”

Another section of the conversation is about leaving the city and retirement.

Sushant: “I want to leave this city.

Rhea: “First we want to go to Goa. Will stay there for a month or two. After that, we will decide. He is thinking about his future.

Sushant (to the advisors in the conversation): “How will it be for things like retirement? I want help.

Rhea: “All these things are for money. What will be the return of the money that is with it?

Sushant: “That I want to go to some natural place.

Rhea: “Can go to Pavana or a place where peace of mind prevails. We will go to Pavana for a day or two.

“And let’s see how it feels. I want to be with them most of the time. Then we will talk about leaving this house.

Sushant: “Just want to request. How can we end all this and save money?

“Yes, here I am fighting with my mind. This is the most difficult time I have ever seen.”

Consultant 1: “Private trusts are formed only during bad times.

“Where all the financial decisions of the individual are taken care of by keeping the people associated with the trust together.”

The actor continues to talk about selling his vehicles.

However, the advisor recommends against doing so because a car can be required at any time. 

Sushant: “I won’t be able to afford this house.

Rhea: “A few months will pass from the money deposited after which we will talk to the landlord.”

It appears the late actor was struggling with his finances in early 2020, while Rhea was involved in the late actor’s financial dealings despite strongly denying the claims.

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