Pooja Bhatt details Infamous Mahesh Bhatt Kiss

Pooja Bhatt has opened up on the infamous 1990 magazine cover which showed her kissing her father Mahesh Bhatt on the lips.

Pooja Bhatt details Infamous Mahesh Bhatt Kiss f

"He will always remain that way for me."

Pooja Bhatt has opened up about the 1990 magazine cover with her father Mahesh Bhatt.

The magazine cover garnered controversy as it showed an 18-year-old Pooja and her father kissing each other on the lips.

Speaking to Siddharth Kannan, Pooja addressed the media attention the cover received and how people perceived it.

Stating that she does not regret it, Pooja explained:

“No, because I see it very simple, and I think that unfortunately what happens is a frozen moment can be represented and misrepresented in anyway.

“I remember Shah Rukh had told me that when you have daughters and when your child is small, how often a child just says, ‘Mummy papa give me a kiss’. And they go this way.

“At this age also I am still a 10 pound child for my father. He will always remain that way for me.”

“So it was a moment that was absolutely innocent which was captured.

“Whatever its connotations, people may read it as they want, they will see it as they wish I cannot defend it here.

“If you want to see the relation between a father and a daughter in a different way then you can do anything. And then we talk about family values. What an amazing joke.”

Discussing her father’s decision to marry Soni Razdan, Pooja Bhatt said that as a film family, their private life will always be in the public eye.

But before that, Mahesh and her mother Lorraine Bright sat her down and explained the situation.

Pooja explained that divorces and broken families are very common today but her parents never lied to her or to each other.

She said: “They fell in love very young and then things changed between them. He met Soni and decided to get married. And my father told me everything.

“People may question how a young child was kept in confidence but I prefer it that way.”

“Today, I see no difference between my brother and sisters. We are of the same blood, we are family. Soni will always be family to me. Relationships can never be made or broken through paper.”

Discussing her professional life, Pooja revealed that Sunny Leone was the original choice for Jism, not Bipasha Basu.

She recalled contacting Sunny’s manager in America. But Sunny was still working as an adult film star and had just signed a contract that she was committed to.

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