Adnan Siddiqui slams Fake Death Reports

‘Aroosa’ star Adnan Siddiqui took to Instagram to hit out at the false news reports that he had passed away.

Adnan Siddiqui slams Fake Death Reports f

"I don’t know who spread this news"

Adnan Siddiqui hit out at reports claiming that he had passed away.

Media reports stating that the actor had died began circulating, sending social media users into a frenzy.

The actor is the latest celebrity who has become a target of false death rumours, but he quickly took to Instagram to assure fans that he was safe and sound.

Sharing a video of himself watching a news report of his supposed death, Adnan had a disappointed expression.

In the caption, he said: “All those spreading the rumours of my demise in the name of journalism and breaking news, next time give me a fair idea before making me the headline.

“I’ll personally come to your studios and confirm it, complete with my epitaph. Your irresponsible journalism should look flawless after all.

“I am completely fine, I am still alive. I don’t know who spread this news, please don’t be upset. Dying is a part of life, but I still have a few days left.”

Fellow actors came forward to express their disgust for the poor journalism and gave Adnan their well wishes.

Seemi Raheal said: “May Allah give you a long and healthy life. May it be full of adventure, fun and laughter. We are blessed to have you walk amongst us.”

Faysal Quraishi commented: “May you live a healthy and happy life.”

Fans also took to Instagram to slam the fake news, with one user writing:

“This is crazy and the lowest from our keyboard warriors. This is pathetic.”

Another said: “This is now getting out of control. Isn’t there any mechanism to report or control these people?”

This is not the first time that a celebrity has falsely been reported as dead.

Previously, veteran actor Mehmood Aslam was rumoured to have died.

The Bulbulay actor took to social media to express his anger at such journalism and said journalists needed to be mindful of the stress and agony such news could cause loved ones.

Mehmood commented: “I’m Mehmood Aslam, breathing, fit and alive in front of you. A few hours ago someone reported on social media that I have passed away.

“Whoever spreads this news, I want to request them, for God’s sake, to not spread such news without verifying it.

“I am sitting in front of you healthy and alive.

“If not me, please think of my friends and family, relatives and fans and how they would feel after reading this unverified news.

“You can post about people who die so everyone can grieve for them, but please do not post fake news about those who are alive.”

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