Shark Tank India’s Vineeta Singh hits out at Fake Death Reports

Shark Tank India judge Vineeta Singh hit out at trolls for spreading false reports that she had died or been arrested.

Shark Tank India's Vineeta Singh hits out at Fake Death Reports f

"Been dealing with paid PR about my death"

Entrepreneur Vineeta Singh has angrily reacted to her fake death and arrest reports.

The Shark Tank India judge has been the victim of fake news, with some reports claiming she had died while others saying she had been arrested.

Taking to X, Vineeta said she has been dealing with “paid PR” who are spreading these rumours.

She also revealed that the hardest part of this ordeal was people calling her mother to check on her.

Sharing a few screenshots of the fake reports, Vineeta said the ordeal has been going on for five weeks.

Vineeta tweeted: “Been dealing with paid PR about my death and my arrest for five weeks.

“Ignored it at first, then reported to Meta several times, filed @Mum_CyberPolice complaint but it’s not stopping.

“The hardest part is when folks panic and call my mom Few of the posts are below. Any suggestions?”

Vineeta Singh’s tweet caught the attention of social media users and triggered several reactions, with many shocked by what she is going through.

One said: “Dude. Why would someone do this? As in literally why?”

Another wrote: “My God, this is scary.”

A third added: “This is so scary. I hope things get sorted out soon!”

A comment read:

“Wow, this is insane. Any idea who is running these fake stories against you?”

Pointing out that other rumours about Vineeta have appeared online, a user said:

“There were few other rumours like Vineeta is bankrupt… I was a bit confused and then understood it was fake as it was on FB.”

One said social media is partially to blame and wrote:

“Social media should have some responsibility, too.”

A netizen asked: “That’s rough, Vineeta. Have you tried reaching out to a lawyer? Might be time to take some legal action against those troublemakers.”

Offering to help Vineeta, one said: “This fooled me for a second as well when I saw it first.

“I hope things sort out. I am sure you must be in touch with top-level people at Meta. Let me know if you need any help! They are the only ones who can kill this at once.”

Mumbai Police soon responded to Vineeta Singh’s tweet:

“Ma’am, we request you to DM us the details for us to help you better.”

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