Why has Adnan Siddiqui criticised Priyanka Chopra?

After Priyanka Chopra Jonas posted an Instagram Story, Adnan Siddiqui took issue with it and called out the actress.

Why has Adnan Siddiqui criticised Priyanka Chopra f

"just to brush up your knowledge."

Adnan Siddiqui criticised Priyanka Chopra Jonas after the actress shared an Instagram Story.

The post was in relation to the announcement that Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy would be directing a future Star Wars film.

At the Star Wars Celebration in London, it was announced that Sharmeen would be the first person of colour and the first woman to direct a Star Wars film.

The historic moment led to congratulatory messages from celebrities.

Among them was Priyanka, who took to Instagram.

In an Instagram Story, Priyanka wrote:

“First person of colour and first woman to direct a Star Wars film…and she’s South Asian!!

“What a historic moment @sharmeenobaidchinoy. So so proud of you my friend! May the force be with you!”

However, Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui took issue with Priyanka’s post, specifically with how the actress addressed Sharmeen as “South Asian”.

He took to Twitter and wrote: “With due respect, @priyankachopra.

“Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is a Pakistani first just to brush up your knowledge.

“Much like the way you flaunt your Indian nationality whenever you get the opportunity before claiming to be a South Asian.”

Adnan’s tweet went viral and divided social media users.

Some sided with Adnan, with one user writing:

“You cannot erase Pakistan from international narrative no matter what you try.

“Sharmeen is a Pakistani and she should be called that you cannot brush nationality under your pretext of fake unity.

“How many Indian stars would say South Asian on winning an accolade no they are Indian.”

Some accused Priyanka of being anti-Pakistan.

One netizen said: “To all the people in the comments: The point isn’t that Sharmeen Obaid isn’t a South Asian, she is BUT Priyanka could’ve just said she is Pakistani BUT she didn’t, idkw it’s hard for people to mention Pakistan when a good talk is happening.”

Another wrote: “Priyanka Chopra on a regular day: Yay war against Pakistan!! Jai Hind! Nuke them!

“Priyanka Chopra when a Pakistani gets to direct a Star Wars film and she wants to share credit: Wow she’s South Asian!”

Others criticised Adnan Siddiqui for unnecessarily “disrespecting” Priyanka.

One said: “Just for you to brush up your knowledge, Pakistan is a part of South Asia not vice versa.

“So she’s a South Asian first and a Pakistani later.

“Also, as much as Priyanka celebrates being Indian, she champions South Asians all the time like hosting South Asian excellence at Oscars.”

Another said: “LMAO PC didn’t even disrespect anyone instead she’s supporting Sharmeen’s talent.

“You people have a problem with anything. Go get a job and stop looking for clout.”

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