How does Ranbir Kapoor rate himself as a Husband?

On their first wedding anniversary, Ranbir Kapoor gave a surprising answer when he rated himself as a husband to Alia Bhatt.

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"But I think I have the desire to be better"

Ranbir Kapoor made a surprising admission when he revealed his assessment of himself as a husband to Alia Bhatt.

The Bollywood couple is celebrating their first wedding anniversary, with many celebrities and fans posting congratulatory messages.

They are also parents to Raha, who was born in November 2022.

Ranbir spoke about taking on the mantle of a family man and admitted that he can always do better.

He told Free Press Journal: “You feel overall you are doing better.

“But life is such that it is never going to be perfect.

“I don’t think I am a great son, a great husband, or a brother.

“But I think I have the desire to be better and that’s important as long as you are aware of it, you will be on the right track.”

Ranbir also revealed that he leans on his family and loved ones when it comes to challenges in his career, adding that as a new father, he respects his parents more.

“Suddenly, I guess when you become a parent, your respect towards your parents also increases.

“I think my upbringing and the value system instilled by my parents, I will carry that in my children.

“It’s a lifetime commitment. You aren’t qualified but will become qualified.”

To mark their anniversary, Alia shared some unseen pictures of her and Ranbir.

Speaking about entertaining the audiences, Ranbir Kapoor said:

“Nowadays, you cannot fool the audience. They come to know everything so it’s important you should reach the sets after prep.

“We are actors and we have to entertain the audience so they come and enjoy our films for three hours.”

On the ups and downs he faces in Bollywood, the actor said:

“Such ups and downs come in every individual’s life.

“You turn around to your family mostly depending on your loved ones.”

“Sometimes, you become people’s strength. There were times when I had to be the strength for my family. It’s not because I’m born in a film family.

“I know in this industry what is success and failure for an actor. If my film is not releasing, I don’t lose patience.

“I love acting and the daily process of going to work. Simple life, simple relationship, and just love your work.”

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