Nawazuddin Siddiqui says ‘Sacred Games 3’ not Happening

Indian actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has dispelled rumours of the Netflix Original series ‘Sacred Games’ returning for a third season.

nawazuddin siddique

"There is nothing left in Vikram Chandra’s novel"

Indian actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has crushed the hopes of Sacred Games fans everywhere, by confirming the series is at an end.

Siddiqui is one of Bollywood’s most versatile actors, he has tried his hand at quite a variety of roles.

From playing a tough inspector in Kahaani (2012) to a menacing antagonist in Kick (2014). He has even starred in biopics such as Manto (2018) and Thackeray (2019).

However, nothing garnered the actor more acclaim than his role in Netflix Original series Sacred Games.

The series is a crime-thriller, based on Indian author Vikram Chandra’s novel of the same name.

Sacred Games is the story of a criminal overlord, Ganesh Gaitonde, played by Siddiqui and police officer Sartaj Singh, played by Saif Ali Khan.

Sacred Games plot unfolds across two timelines.

One of them is set in Mumbai that was a part of the retro era and the focus is on Ganesh Gaitonde.

The second timeline is centred on Saif Ali Khan’s Sartaj Singh and unfolds in a more recent time period.

At the beginning of the series, Ganesh Gaitonde is seen in a conversation with Sartaj Singh.

Gaitonde hints at an impending doom that awaits Mumbai three weeks since of their encounter.

The timeline of the past is essentially Ganesh Gaitonde’s origin story.

The more recent timeline is about Sartaj’s quest to figure out the catastrophe that will befall on his city after the mentioned time period has lapsed.

However, in a recent interaction, Siddiqui confirmed that the rumoured third season of the show will not be a reality.

Siddiqui stated that the book-to-series adaptation met its conclusion during the final chapters of the second season.

The Gangs of Wasseypur actor stated: “Whatever had to be said from the original novel has already been said.

“There is nothing left in Vikram Chandra’s novel to be put in Season 3.”

Speaking on how beloved the series is to him and fans, Nawazuddin Siddiqui continued:

Sacred Games got the kind of worldwide acclaim that none of us had seen before.”

“I remember shooting in Rome for Tannishtha Chatterjee’s film and over there too there were so many people talking to me about Sacred Games.

“So we all felt it was right to do it again, and we did a second season.”

The versatile Bollywood actor admitted that the second part was not up to the mark and asserted:

“Perhaps somewhere the intention behind Season 2 was not as sincere as the first time.

“I admit Sacred Games 2 was a disappointment.”

However, there is no greater disappointment to loyal fans of the show, than the confirmation that Sacred Games is at an end.

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