Pakistani Wedding Hall offers Discount for Married Men

A Pakistani wedding hall has a unique offer in which married men receive a discount when they book a wedding at the venue.

Pakistani Wedding Hall offers Discount for Married Men f

"Bumper wedding offer in Bahawalpur"

Married men can receive a unique discount if they go to a Pakistani wedding hall.

The wedding hall in Bahawalpur has opened the offer to men who are interested in getting married for the second time.

The discount is even offered to those who want to get married for the third and fourth time.

The owner has explained his reasoning for creating the unique discount.

It came to light after a Pakistani news channel reported on the discount. Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat later tweeted a video of the segment.

The wedding hall offered discounts which increased depending on the number of weddings the groom had prior.

Naila’s tweet stated: “Bumper wedding offer in Bahawalpur: 50% off on second shaadi, 75% on the third and walima free on the fourth shaadi. Open challenge.”

According to the report: “If you have the courage, come to the ground and get married for a second time.

“A new wedding hall which will be opened in Bahawalpur has a bumper offer for married people.

“A discount of 50 per cent on getting married for a second time, 75 per cent off on third marriage and wedding hall free on fourth marriage.”

It may sound bizarre but it is a tempting offer, especially when weddings are an expensive affair.

From buying wedding outfits to arranging the venue, weddings tend to cost a lot of money.

The owner of the Pakistani wedding hall said that he created the discount because there are no offers for people marrying again.

He said that if there are offers for newly married couples then why can’t there be offers for people marrying for the second time.

The owner said:

“We want to make relationships, not break them. People are coming to me to ask about the conditions of the offer.”

Despite the offer being available to married men who want to tie the knot again, it is only valid for those who fulfil a certain condition.

The man’s first wife has to make the booking herself for her husband’s second wedding.

News about the wedding hall’s discount went viral on social media. Users gave their reactions.

One person wrote: “This happens only in Pakistan.”

Another user joked: “Bankrupt around the fourth.”

Others found the discount funny while others wondered if the offer was applicable to women getting married for the second time.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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