Drug Dealer Forced Boy into Car & Made Him Strip

A drug dealer from Sheffield put a 16-year-old boy through a terrifying ordeal which included forcing him into the back of a car and making him strip.

Drug Dealer Forced Boy into Car & Made Him Strip f

“He was then told he would be sexually assaulted"

Drug dealer Abidul Islam, aged 20, of Sheffield, was jailed for five years and five months for putting a teenage boy through a petrifying ordeal.

Derby Crown Court heard that the victim was forced into the back of a car, made to strip down to his underwear and had a shotgun pointed at his head.

The 16-year-old was also told he would be sexually abused if he did not sell cannabis and heroin for a drugs gang.

At one point during the four-hour ordeal, the teenager thought he would be shot dead, having been told there was a £4,000 “bounty” on his head.

Ian Way, prosecuting, said the teenager met Islam in 2019 and was persuaded to sell small quantities of cannabis for him.

It soon increased to £600 of heroin a day but the boy realised he wanted out.

On July 13, 2019, the boy chose not to answer calls and texts from the drug dealer who later turned up at the address he was at. Islam dragged the victim out and into the car.

Mr Way explained: “There was a second man in the passenger seat who told him to strip to his underwear.

“He did what he was told and was driven to Sheffield being told ‘you’re never going home’.

“He said he could see a gas gun like a pistol in the front passenger footwell.

“He was then told he would be sexually assaulted and shot in the leg.”

As Islam drove around Sheffield, the vehicle stopped at several addresses where components for a shotgun were picked up and the weapon was assembled.

The gun was then pointed at the victim’s head.

Mr Way said: “He was told he would be ‘popped’ in the leg and that there was a £4,000 bounty on his head which he saw to mean there was a contract out on him and somebody would kill him.”

The victim was eventually told to get out of the car and was left at Sheffield railway station.

However, days later, Islam turned up at the boy’s home in Chesterfield. The drug dealer forced his way past the teenager’s mother and demanded to know where he was.

When police arrived, Islam fled. The teenager arrived home and told his mother what he had been involved with.

Islam was later arrested, charged and pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, supplying cannabis and supplying heroin.

In mitigation, Justin Wigoder stated that his client was from “a supportive, law-abiding family” and has no previous convictions.

He explained that Islam was involved in cannabis from the age of 14 and was himself threatened by gang members higher up.

Mr Wigoder said: “I cannot get round that the victim is 16 and I cannot get round he will be sentenced for a long period of imprisonment.”

The second man made several threats and pointed the gun at the victim’s head. He has never been identified.

Since the ordeal, the victim has contemplated suicide. He has also moved away from the area with his family.

In a victim impact statement, his mother fears the family will “never stop looking over their shoulders”.

Judge Robert Egbuna said: “It was a chilling ordeal.

“The experience was terrifying and undoubtedly will affect him for the rest of his life.

“A shotgun was placed on the back of his head. He thought he was going to die.”

“He was stripped down to his underpants and told he would be sexually assaulted.

“It gives the court no pleasure to send someone so young and with no previous convictions to custody for such a substantial period of time.”

Derby Telegraph reported that Islam was sentenced to five years and five months in prison.

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