10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023

With an increase in fashion production and costs, students should be aware of the several discounts they can take advantage of in 2023.

10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - f

The brand has been a student favourite.

With fashion costs on the increase, a good discount has been the key to staying on trend for many students.

However, with so many different clothing brands on the rise, it can be hard to spot the best big-brand discounts.

Apps like UNiDAYS and Student Beans make it easier for students to navigate which discounts are available to them.

It is through these apps that many of the discounts can be accessed simply by registering for an account.

DESIblitz brings you 10 of the best fashion student discount deals all in one place so that you won’t miss out.


10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 1ASOS is one of the largest online fashion retailers, selling over 850 big-name brands with a vast and expansive global supply chain.

With so many brands and styles of clothing to choose from, ASOS is certainly a student favourite when it comes to shaping up their student wardrobes.

The online store offers 10% off all year round on full-priced items when signing up with a university email or through UNiDAYS or Student Beans.

The best thing about this student discount code is that it is valid until you graduate meaning you can get 10% off from ASOS all the time up until you graduate!


10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 2One of the best-known sports fashion brands, Adidas offers students two whopping discounts to benefit from.

Using UNiDAYS, students can gain 35% off full-price items and 10% off outlet items with the Adidas student discount.

All students have to do is log in or create a UNiDAYS account to receive this amazing discount across several sportswear must-have fashion pieces.

So, if you want to step into 2023 wearing the latest Adidas-branded shoes, whether it’s the new Samba OG shoes or the Forum Mid shoes, be sure to take advantage of the amazing student discounts on offer.


10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 3Gymshark is home to some of the best-made activewear and wellness products.

The brand is not only successful due to its innovatively designed workout gear but also its widespread global popularity amongst students and fitness enthusiasts.

The workout gear brand has amassed a total social media following of over 18 million with customers in over 230 countries across its 14 online stores.

Using Student Beans, students can get a 10% discount code to use at checkout on all Gymshark clothing and products sitewide.

Gymshark also offers discounted prices on its website for youth apprentices and emergency service and NHS workers.


10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 4NA-KD is a popular online brand, bringing the best in fashion and accessories from across the globe.

The brand has recently risen in popularity, especially amongst students who have been seeing NA-KD styles across their Instagram ads.

NA-KD is also a commendable brand for any student looking to shop for sustainable fashion as the brand is committed to the idea that the future should hold a deep respect for nature.

With UNiDAYS students can benefit from 20% off NA-KD fashion sitewide, this excludes sales and second-hand items.


10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 5Levi’s was founded in 1852 and is best known for their high-quality, durable jeans – a garment for which they are practically a global leader.

The brand has over 500 stores worldwide and a huge online website with a range of denim-based products, sweatshirts, hoodies, tops, and t-shirts.

Though Levi’s can be a pricy brand, their reputation is formidable and its clothing is excellently made to perfection.

Students get an exclusive 20% off online and in-store from Levi’s all year round using a valid student ID or simply by signing in to UNiDAYS to receive a discount code.


10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 6Superdry is a well-known contemporary fashion brand with a significant global presence of over 515 Superdry branded locations in 46 countries.

The unique fashion brand is best known for fusing vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style.

The brand has been a student favourite having been described on the website as a ‘student essential’ and offers students a 10% discount online and in-store using a valid UNiDAYS ID.

Superdry clothing is perfect for any student who loves streetwear and graphic-printed-styled clothing, and the brand’s clothing will be sure to turn heads on university campuses.

Boux Avenue

10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 7Finding great quality and affordable lingerie as a student can be a struggle however Boux Avenue has been a student saviour for fabulous and accessible lingerie.

With over 30 stores across the UK and a huge online presence, Boux Avenue has been championed as an online and in-store affordable lingerie retailer.

The lingerie brand is constantly running special offers and discounts with students benefiting from 20% off online and in-store using UNiDAYS, Student Beans and VoucherCodes.

Boux Avenue is also a lingerie brand that has consistent sales throughout the year, meaning reduced prices on the sexiest lingerie is accessible throughout the year.


10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 8Crocs were all the fashion rage in 2022, with students enjoying the variety of new styles and collaborations the brand has introduced since its recent rise in popularity.

Crocs have even introduced collaborations with brands like Liberty London, Vera Bradley and even KFC.

The 25% Crocs student discount can be used online by logging in or creating a Student Beans account which will provide you with a code that can be used when checking out.

Whilst the Student Beans code offers an amazing discount, certain terms and conditions do apply, meaning the code is not valid on previous purchases and excludes all Classic styles, Brooklyn wedges, sale items, lucky sizes, and Littles.

Motel Rocks

10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 9Motel Rocks is an online, female fashion brand that sells unique and Instagram-worthy fashion pieces.

Since influencers like Olivia Neill have been seen promoting the edgy fashion brand on Instagram and YouTube, it has only grown in popularity.

The brand is labelled as unique, edgy and eclectic, and is great for students looking for standout fashion pieces to grace their wardrobe and feature on their nights out.

Students can get an exclusive 20% off using the code ‘CUTE4CLASS’ and can also access their rolling limited-time-only discounts throughout the year including free delivery with purchases over £30.

Urban Outfitters

10 Best Student Discount Clothing Deals for 2023 - 10Urban Outfitters is another fashion favourite for students who are looking to find edgy, vintage and eclectic clothing.

The online and in-person clothing store caters to stylish and creative students looking to find their everyday BDG jeans or Juicy tracksuit, with a multitude of different vintage brands and UO-exclusive, branded clothing on offer.

As indicated by its name, Urban Outfitters delivers a round-up of different urban fashion that includes styles from vintage bohemian to edgy streetwear.

Students can get 10% off in-store and online on the Urban Outfitters app all year round!

These student discounts have a little something for every student from Croc lovers to streetwear style enthusiasts and gym-obsessed individuals.

All the discounts above are eligible to students all year round and many of these brands will have additional offers and discounts throughout the year that you’ll not want to miss.

So, if any of these big-name brand discounts have caught your eye, be sure to make note of them to get money off your favourite fashion pieces.

Tiyanna is an English Language and Literature student with a passion for travel and literature. Her motto is ‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;’ by Maya Angelou.

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