Pakistani Celebrities urge the Public to Cast Votes

Pakistani celebrities have been actively using their influence to spread awareness about the upcoming elections.

Pakistani Celebrities urge the Public to Cast Votes f

"I request you all to use your vote wisely."

With the elections nearing, Pakistani celebrities have taken to social media to encourage the general population to cast votes.

They have all united in their efforts, using their influences to convince the general public very actively.

Mustafa Zahid, on X, urged followers by tweeting:

“Valentine’s Day is on February 8 because love for one’s country comes first! Go out and vote!”

Farhan Saeed, echoed the sentiment, stating:

“Pakistan, come out and vote on the 8th. If you think you’ve been wronged, vote! If you want to see your country progress, vote!”

Adnan Siddiqui declared: “February 8: a crucial day for us and our nation.

“Urging each one of you to exercise your right to vote. Remember, if you don’t vote now, you lose the right to complain later.”

Via her Instagram Story, Maya Ali emphasised the importance of voting:

“I request you all to use your vote wisely. This is your time to save your future and make your present better.”

Bushra Ansari said: “Whichever candidate it is for whom you have hope or trust, get up and go vote.

“Talk is cheap. Get up, find out about your constituency, and go and vote for the same.”

Asim Azhar urged fellow celebrities, stating:

“I request all my fellow colleagues, public figures and celebrities to endorse the right to vote and encourage everybody to find their constituencies. Vote for Pakistan.”

Osman Khalid Butt provided a practical guide and tweeted:

“Send a message to 8,300 with your CNIC to receive information about your constituency and polling station. Make your voice count through the voting process.”

Hasan Raheem urged everyone: “Oh pieces of my heart, do cast your votes.”

He emphasised his commitment to civic responsibility and affirmed his right to express opinions aligned with his beliefs.

Ayesha Baig said:

“If you don’t use your vote, they will put a stamp on it for you. Choose for yourself!”

Fans acknowledged the efforts of their stars and supported their stances.

One user said: “I’m so glad to see them use their platforms for something so important.”

Another wrote: “Correct! Our future is in our own hands. We are responsible for our country’s future”

This collective call to action serves as a rallying cry, urging citizens to actively participate.

Pakistani celebrities have aimed to inspire individuals to play a role in shaping the political landscape of the country.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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