One-Legged Indian Woman teaches Children Door to Door

Despite her disability, a one-legged Indian woman living in Haryana is going door to door in a bid to provide children with education.

One-Legged Indian Woman teaches Children Door to Door f

it will not deter her from educating children.

An Indian woman is going door to door in a bid to educate children. What makes her story even more inspiring is the fact that she was born with one leg.

Praveen is originally from Sirsa, Haryana, but has been living in Panipat since 2017.

She is associated with Humana People to People, an organisation that is committed to tackling some of the world’s major humanitarian, social and environmental challenges.

Members help the community in different ways and that includes education.

Praveen has been a part of Humana People to People since 2017 and she is committed to connecting children who are out of school with education.

While Praveen would usually teach a large group of children together, the Covid-19 pandemic prevented that from happening.

Instead, she has been going door to door and teaching children individually at their homes.

In some cases, she has been teaching small groups as she is determined that no child is left behind when it comes to education.

While her disability makes travelling more challenging, Praveen stated that it will not deter her from educating children.

She explained that she was born with one leg. She also had one hand that was less functional.

The Indian woman revealed that whilst growing up, some children made fun of her.

However, her parents said that there are others like her. This encouraged Praveen to never let her disability prevent her from doing something.

She said: “I never lost courage. I always tried to prove it by doing something different. I am not a loser.”

Praveen went on to say that we can do a lot if we put our minds to it.

She added:

“It is a matter of pride for me to contribute to my society through education.”

Praveen explained that she has an older brother. However, he has been bed-ridden for 13 years after suffering an accident.

According to Humana People to People member Sudha Jha, the project head Vinod Solanki has been helping Praveen’s brother.

He has also been helping Praveen with her education training since the beginning.

Praveen currently walks around using a wooden prosthetic leg. She now intends to get a real prosthetic leg and is planning to go to Jaipur for it.

But before that, an operation needs to be conducted. Only then will a prosthetic leg be installed.

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