Neha Dhupia shames Trolls over Breastfeeding Photos

Neha Dhupia publicly shamed an internet troll who criticised a new mother for posting pictures of her breastfeeding her baby.

Neha Dhupia shames trolls over Breastfeeding Photos f

"The last thing we need is to be questioned, mocked"

Neha Dhupia publicly shamed an internet troll who criticised a woman for posting photos of her breastfeeding.

In May 2018, Neha married her longtime boyfriend Angad Bedi. They welcomed a daughter in November 2018.

Since giving birth, Neha has been a strong advocate of empowering mothers.

She also launched an initiative to raise awareness about breastfeeding and the freedom for mothers to feed their babies without hesitation.

On April 26, 2021, Neha Dhupia posted a breastfeeding photo.

She also included the comment the troll made towards the woman.

The troll’s caption read: “Can you post the breastfeeding video of yours? Humble request!”

The woman had responded: “I can see a picture of your mom/grand mom on your page. Please ask her. She will show you.”

Neha highlighted the comment and stated that “people like him make the whole breastfeeding situation embarrassing” for mothers.

In the Instagram post, Neha wrote, citing her initiative Freedom to Feed:

“The journey of a new mum is something only she can understand.

“While we all hear the happy side, it is also a huge responsibility and emotionally draining.

“It’s hard enough to be a mum and do all that there is to do. The last thing we need is to be questioned, mocked and worst of all trolled.

“I went through the same beats and I know how hard it is.”

Neha Dhupia went on to thank the woman for sharing the internet troll’s remarks, adding:

“A mother has her choice of how and where she chooses to feed or breastfeed her child.

“However, time and time again we see people looking at breastfeeding mothers in a sexual manner.

“Ever since I became a mom Freedom to Feed, we work towards normalising the act of breastfeeding in our communities and are extremely sensitive towards new mothers and parents and as we think everyone should be.

“This insensitive comment is an example of why it makes it awkward for moms in our country.”

“They must be called out… let’s normalise breastfeeding not sexualise it.

Neha Dhupia has been quite vocal on the topic of breastfeeding ever since she embraced parenthood.

She has also flagged her campaign ‘freedomtofeed’ in 2019.

Using the platform, she keeps on sparking meaningful debates through her conversations, on parenting issues.

Shamamah is a journalism and political psychology graduate with a passion to play her part to make the world a peaceful place. She loves reading, cooking, and culture. She believes in: “freedom of expression with mutual respect.”

Images courtesy of Instagram and Indiaforums

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