Neha Dhupia trolled for Ousting Man who Slapped his Cheating GF

Neha Dhupia’s shocking reaction supporting the girlfriend’s infidelity angered many people who, in turn, called the actress as a “fake feminist.”

Neha Dhupia trolled Ousting Man who Slapped his Cheating GF f

“Bloody fake feminist!! Cheating on someone is wrong"

Actress Neha Dhupia has come under fire for condemning a man who admitted to slapping his girlfriend who had cheated on him.

Undoubtedly, the controversy surrounding love, relationships and physical abuse has certainly caused many issues.

This matter was also recently highlighted in the film, Thappad (2020) starring Taapsee Pannu.

She portrayed the role of a woman who leaves her husband after he slaps her. The film sent out a strong message showcasing how physical abuse should not be tolerated.

Also, the notion of ‘everything is fair in love and war’ is being disregarded completely because no act of physical violence can be justified regardless of gender.

Likewise, the concept of cheating is also not specific to gender. There can be no justification for a male or female being deceitful to their partner.

However, Neha has angered many people after her comments on the reality show, Roadies Revolution (2020) where she acted as the celebrity judge.

In the youth-orientated show, Neha criticised a male contestant when he confessed to slapping his girlfriend because she cheated on him.

According to him, his girlfriend was unfaithful to him with five other men.

This did not sit well with Neha who bashed the contestant and reacted strongly. She said:

“Yeh jo tu bol raha hai na ki ek nahi paanch ladko ke saath gayi thi … sun mere bat – it’s her choice.” (You are the one who is saying that she was with five men but listen to me. It’s her choice).

“Maybe the problem lies with you. Nobody gives you a right to slap.”

Previously, Neha Dhupia has been vocal about the rights of women and girl children. She is also a mother to a two-year-old daughter.

Although, her remark angered many people who called her a fake feminist and hypocrite.

A past incident was also bought up about the time when Neha applauded a female contestant for slapping four men.

This incident invoked the concern over how such views of celebrities concerning infidelity can affect the youth.

People condemned Neha’s comment of “it’s her choice”. The fact that a woman cheated does not make it justified.

Since then many people have taken to social media to call out Neha over her remark. On Twitter Dilip Kumar said:

“Bloody fake feminist!! Cheating on someone is wrong, done by a girl or a boy!! Whoever it would be .. Make your little s*** brain to understand this!!”

Ritika_Singh on Twitter also condemned Neha Dhupia. She wrote:

“Pseudo feminists like @NehaDhupia don’t exactly know what is the real meaning of feminism, sitting around bouncers feeling empowered and puking is all she can do.

“And abhi to inka VICTIM CARD khelna baaki bachca hua hai.” (Now her victim card is left to play).

Another Twitter user under the name Dhrumil Raval also chimed in saying, “So if a girl slap a guy when he cheats on her it’s ok?

“But if a guy does the same it’s treated like that? Hypocrites .. Be a feminist …. not a fake feminist.”

There is no doubt Neha’s stance shocked many people. The violence against the woman was deemed wrong, however, Neha’s endorsement of the woman’s infidelity was strongly rebuked online.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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