Maryam Nawaz ‘snubs’ PML-N leader Uzma Kardar

An awkward moment showed Maryam Nawaz pushing away PML-N lawmaker Uzma Kardar’s hand when the latter hugged her.

Maryam Nawaz 'snubs' PML-N leader Uzma Kardar f

Maryam then takes Uzma's arm off her

A viral video shows an awkward moment between newly elected Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz and PML-N lawmaker Uzma Kardar.

The incident created a buzz, making people talk and wonder about what happened.

Many discussions and speculations popped up on different platforms as people tried to figure out the dynamics of this exchange.

The video shows Maryam walking through a busy room at her oath-taking ceremony.

As Maryam walks by, Uzma gets up and hugs her. However, Maryam appears reluctant and puts one arm around her.

Maryam then takes Uzma’s arm off her, leaving the latter looking disappointed.

The politician then moved on.

The incident was widely interpreted by many viewers as a display of rudeness on Maryam’s part.

People wondered what was going on between the two politicians.

Nevertheless, Uzma Kardar broke her silence on the matter, claiming Maryam pushed her hand away because her “hands were oily”.

She explained: “I was having breakfast, eating halwa puri, in the morning and Maryam Sahiba came from the backside and said salam so I became emotional.”

Uzma got up and hugged Maryam to greet her.

But in the heat of the moment, Uzma forgot that her hands were “greasy” with the oil from the breakfast she was having.

She added: “Then suddenly I realised that my hands are oily so I took my hands off [Maryam]. I should have been careful.”

After explaining herself, Uzma called out those spreading the video clip on social media and criticising Maryam.

She urged them to stop doing such “useless” things and have some respect for others.

The politician expressed her gratitude for the respect she received from Maryam.

She emphasised that no words of gratitude could truly capture the depth of her appreciation.

But viewers did not believe Uzma’s claim that Maryam pushed her hand away because it was greasy. On social media, both politicians were criticised.

One person said: “You deserve this kind of insult.”

Another commented:

“This just shows that politicians have no morals and no self-respect.”

One wrote: “Well deserved. This is why you’re no longer in PTI.”

Another remarked: “Looks like someone has a low self-esteem.”

Meanwhile, after the oath-taking ceremony, Maryam Nawaz said that her designation as Punjab chief minister is the “victory of every woman, every mother, every sister”.

She said: “Today, this victory is not just mine. It is the victory of every woman, every mother… and I hope I am not the last.

“This victory for women should continue even after me.”

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