Pakistani Man Tortured for Having Affair with Village Girl

A man in Pakistan has been tortured and forcefully had his head shaven for being accused of having an affair with a village girl.

man torture village girl

The men filmed a video of the incident of aggression

In the district of Kotli, in the self-governing region of Azad Kashmir administered by Pakistan, a young man was subjected to horrific humiliation by a local village clan after accusing him of having an affair with a girl from their village.

Muneed Jaat from Shikas, Charhoi in the district Kotli was accosted by a group of men when he was looking for a herd of goats in a nearby grazing area of a jungle.

However, after managing to get away from them for a while, the men including Liaqat, Qamar, Ayub Shahbaz and many others captured Muneeb and forced him to come back with them to a house owned by Chaudary Laal.

It was inside this house, then men proceeded their humiliation attack on Muneeb. They first profoundly tortured him which then followed them holding him down and shaving his head and also removing his eyebrows.

The men filmed a video of the incident of aggression against Muneeb and then subsequently, uploaded it to social media.

After the video went viral, Muneeb who is the son of Fareed Jaat, decided to go to the police station and file an FIR against his tormentors.

The police acted promptly and after filing the case, they found and arrested the men.

The men were charged for violence and aggression against Muneeb Jaat and for taking the law into their own hands.

Muneeb explained to media that he worked as a labourer with his father and looked after goats and that he was from a poor background.

He claims he was lynched by this mob of men for having an affair with a girl from Palahal Kalan village.

He denies any such affair and said he was targeted, tortured and humiliated by the men without any proof against him.

The arrested men have been kept in custody by police pending a full investigation into the case.

The district of Kotli is linked to Mirpur by two roads and is roughly a three-hour drive from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, at a distance of 117 km via Sehnsa.

Cases of this nature in Pakistani rural areas gain momentum due to the strict traditions and orthodox beliefs that a man cannot have any relationship with any girl from a village. Such activities are prohibited by elders and marriage is the only way to have a relationship with a woman but from a different village.

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