Pakistani Man tortured Sister over Property Dispute

Pakistani man Abdul Qayyum Ghazi allegedly assaulted and tortured his sister over a property dispute. This left the victim fearing for her life.

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He barged into her house and allegedly beat and tortured her.

Ume Kulsoom, from Faisalabad, Pakistan, has accused her brother of beating and torturing her on Monday, February 11, 2019.

The woman alleged that Abdul Qayyam Ghazi committed the acts of violence in reaction to a property dispute that occurred between the pair.

The incident took place in Tandlianwala town and the property was originally owned by Ume’s father.

Ume stated that her late father had equally distributed property worth millions of dollars among his sons and daughters.

However, her brother Abdul refused to give her a share in the property, despite it being her legal right.

Ume made repeated attempts to get her share, but despite it, her brother did not honour the request.

In a bid to claim her share in the property, the mother of three went to court and filed a case against Abdul.

Ume revealed that when her brother found out about the case, he became extremely angry.

He barged into her house and allegedly beat and tortured her.

As a result of the assault, the victim said she suffered several injuries and she initiated legal proceedings against her brother.

The victim said she feared for her life as she claimed her brother wanted to murder her.

Uma demanded the police and higher authorities provide protection and to bring her brother Abdul to justice.

In another incident which also happened in Faisalabad, a woman was tortured by her husband and in-laws over a marriage dispute.

It was reported that Maimoona Khatoon had been married to Qasim for over 10 years. However, Qasim had an affair with another woman identified as Aleena.

The affair began in 2017 and eventually, Qasim married Aleena in secret without the consent of his first wife.

After his second marriage, he started physically abusing Maimoona on a regular basis.

When Maimoona learnt of her husband’s second marriage, she informed the elders of the family about the matter.

This enraged Qasim, his second wife and his family. They allegedly subjected her to brutal torture and she suffered critical injuries as a result.

Maimoona was taken to a local hospital where she underwent treatment for her injuries.

The victim’s brother Zeeshan made a complaint at Mansoorabad police station.

The police have registered a case against the accused nominated in the case after conducting the medical examination of the victim. Further investigations have taken place.

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