Man jailed for Abusing Ex-Girlfriend using Fake Facebook profile

A Bradford man has been jailed for sending “disgusting” and “very personal” messages to his ex-girlfriend using a fake Facebook profile.

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"The abuse of another human being in this way is intolerable"

Mohammed Wasim Ahmed, aged 30, from Heaton, Bradford in West Yorkshire, has been jailed for 18 months after creating a fake Facebook profile to harass his ex-girlfriend with vile messages.

During his trial at Bradford Crown Court, the prosecution revealed how and why Ahmed used the fake social media profile to send his ex-girlfriend numerous “disgusting” messages.

The court heard that Ahmed was in a relationship with a woman which was “on-off”. The woman, who is now aged 23, was seeing Ahmed for two years until January 2017, when they broke up.

Jessica Randell who was prosecuting said that Ahmed had been convicted of harassing the same woman two times in 2016 already. He also violated a restraining order against him which disallowed any kind of contact with her in December of the same year.

Ahmed harassed the woman with incidents of him shouting at her through the letterbox at the address where she lived and also hurling verbal abuse at her in a restaurant when she realised he spotted her and she tried to hide from him.

Therefore, use of the fake Facebook profile by Ahmed was yet again further and persistent hounding of the same woman.

Ahmed created the Facebook profile using the fake name ‘Ax Ax’ between May and August 2017, according to the Bradford Telegraph & Argus.

He used the fake Facebook account he created to send the woman “numerous abusive messages” said Miss Randell.

This resulted in tremendous “alarm and distress” for the woman.

On July 15, 2017, he met up with the woman and again contravened his restraining order terms.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said in her personal statement that Ahmed’s treatment of her led to her “constantly looking over her shoulder” in fear. She said she just wanted this Bradford man “out of her life for good.”

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Ahmed admitted to sending the abhorrent messages to the victim and violating the restraining order against him.

Defending Ahmed, his lawyer, Giles Gran said that he was “ordinarily a hard-working man who supported his family” but stated that his actions towards the victim were “appalling”.

Judge Jonathan Rose at the trial, said the Facebook profile messages sent by Ahmed were “disgusting, very personal, and unpleasant”.

Judge Rose sentencing Ahmed to jail said to him:

“You have been before the courts three times for your harassment of this woman.

“The reality is there is no remorse about you. You are simply unwilling to accept responsibility for what you do.

“You come in a particularly vile, abusive, and obnoxious manner on this occasion.

“The abuse of another human being in this way is intolerable in a civilised society.”

As part of the sentence, Ahmed was told that his restraining order against the woman would indefinitely apply for the future, warning him never to make contact with her ever again.

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