Luqman Khan Jailed for Driving like a ‘madman’ in Police Chase

Luqman Khan, a British Asian teenager, has been jailed for dangerous and erratic driving and not stopping after a pursuit by police.

Luqman Khan Police Chase

You drove like a madman."

British Asian teenager, 19-year-old Luqman Khan from Bradford has been jailed for reckless driving during a chase by police. Khan drove a car that was unlicensed and uninsured.

He reached speeds of up to 65pm in his silver Citroen Saxo as police pursued him with blue lights on through the streets of Bradford in broad daylight.

Luqman Khan’s dangerous driving led to other drivers having to suddenly swerve or brake as he made his way quickly using aggressive sharp turns and erratic movements of his vehicle.

He crazily turned on bends breaking speed limits continuously and even drove through a petrol station forecourt during the pursuit but did not stop.

The chase came to a halt on a narrow road as his car got wedged between a parked van and an oncoming vehicle from the right being driven by a woman with her young child in passenger the seat.

There was damage was to the other vehicles but fortunately, the woman and child in the oncoming car were not hurt by Khan’s collision.

Here is the video of the police chase:

[jwplayer mediaid=”130103″]

Luqman Khan who is from Tagore Court, Laisterdyke, Bradford, was sentenced at Bradford Town Court and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, not having a driving licence or insurance and failing to stop for a police constable.

Judge Jonathan Rose sentenced Khan to 12 months in a young offender institution and told him: “You drove like a madman.”

Luqman Khan - Judge Rose
Deplored by his behaviour and driving the judge said: “This is the sort of driving that terrifies the decent citizens of this city. They expect drivers like you to go to custody.”

Prosecutor Duncan Ritchie told the court that police spotted Khan and a passenger in his car was not wearing a seat belt and was told to stop.

However, Luman Khan denied the police request and continue to drive.

“The defendant failed to do so, and in the pursuit which took place, the defendant drove dangerously at speed along busy roads, causing others to avoid him,” said Mr Ritchie.

As their car could not go any further when it was blocked, the passenger quickly ran off and Khan slipped under on the cars parked on the road but was arrested by police immediately.

Khan was told by Judge Rose during sentencing:

“You put every other road user, your passenger, and yourself, in danger of serious injury or death.”

He added: “You put at risk other motorists, people in the petrol station, a young girl about to step off the pavement when you threw the car around a corner, the police officer who was following you, all of this taking place in the middle of the day on one of the busiest roads in Bradford.”

Defending solicitor for Luqman Khan, Nick Leadbeater stated his client had no previous convictions and fully accepted he drove dangerously. It was ‘poor error of judgment’and his client should not have bought an unlicensed car whilst also being uninsured.

As well as his jail term, Khan will not be allowed to driving for two years.

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