Indian Woman caught Selling Liquor from Home amid Virus

An Indian woman from Punjab was caught selling liquor from her home despite the ongoing pandemic. Similar cases have come to light.

Indian Woman caught Selling Liquor from Home amid Virus f

Nazir attempted to run away with a plastic bag.

An Indian woman has been arrested for illegally selling liquor from her home.

The incident happened in the city of Gurdaspur, Punjab, and is one of two arrests that were made.

Police received a tip-off about Gurmeet Kaur’s illegal activities and eventually located her home.

Her home was raided and officers recovered several bottles of liquor.

ASI Gurpreet Singh confirmed that Kaur was arrested and the bottles of alcohol were seized.

A case was registered under the Excise Act. While Kaur remains in custody, officers stated that they would continue to take action against illegal alcohol sellers.

Another arrest was made in the city when police caught a man trying to sell illegal liquor near some bushes.

Police in-charge Kulwant Singh explained that a man named Nazir Christ had been selling liquor near some bushes by the side of a road in Aujla Colony.

Officers found out about the crime through an informant.

However, when officers tried to arrest, Nazir attempted to run away with a plastic bag. Police briefly gave chase before catching him.

Nazir was arrested while the bag was found to contain 14 bottles of liquor.

The arrests of the Indian woman and Nazir are just two cases in an upward trend of illegal liquor selling.

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to liquor shops being closed, however, liquor continues to be sold.

People are taking advantage of the situation by selling bottles from their homes and transporting them to the customer’s house during the night.

Customers call the seller and make a purchase. The sellers, who operate in different areas, then deliver the alcohol.

Due to the ongoing demand, sellers are making at least Rs. 100 (£1) per bottle.

It was reported that liquor sellers usually delivery two bottles per customer. However, if people request a box of alcohol, that is also fulfilled.

One person said that even though lockdown had closed liquor stores, it had no effect on the availability of alcohol. But you have to pay more than usual.

Prior to lockdown, alcohol was legally available and was cheap. Now, people are turning to illegal sellers in order to obtain alcohol and paying a premium.

After an order is placed over the phone, the alcohol is delivered to their home at night.

Officer Lovejinder Singh explained that the police are keeping an eye on illegal liquor sellers.

He said that they take advantage of the late hours and action will be taken against such people under the Excise Act.

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