Indian Policewoman writes ‘Stay Away’ on Worker’s Forehead

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, an Indian policewoman has attracted attention after she wrote ‘stay away’ on a worker’s forehead.

Indian Policewoman writes 'Stay Away' on Worker's Forehead

SI Agnihotri took a black marker pen and wrote 'stay away'

An Indian policewoman has hit headlines for the unique measure she took to ensure that citizens abided by the lockdown rules.

The police officer spotted a worker outside, she approached him and advised him to stay at home by writing ‘stay away’ on his forehead.

The incident happened in the town of Chandrapura in Jharkhand.

Superintendent Amita Agnihotri had been patrolling the streets with other officers, looking out for anyone who was ignoring the lockdown rules.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown on March 24, 2020.

The lockdown, which will last for 21 days, was implemented after a 14-hour voluntary public curfew on March 22.

The lockdown was placed when the number of confirmed positive Coronavirus cases in India was approximately 500.

On Saturday, March 28, 2020, SI Agnihotri, was outside, making sure that citizens were not breaching the guidelines.

However, she saw a labourer walking down the road.

The Indian policewoman confronted the man and asked him why he was not at home. She then decided to enforce a unique measure so that he would not ignore the rules again.

Wearing protective gloves and a mask, SI Agnihotri took a black marker pen and wrote ‘stay away’ on the man’s forehead.

Meanwhile, the other officers filmed the matter, describing what was going on and the reasoning behind it.

Following the incident, the other police officers stated that they would share the video online to warn other rule-breakers of the potential consequences.

This was a unique way of instructing people to stay inside, however, some officers are taking more extreme measures.

Some police officers are hitting citizens with sticks if they are seen breaking the Coronavirus lockdown rules.

This was seen during the Janta Curfew on March 22, 2020.

While most people abided by the rules, some did not and were seen on the streets.

Videos showed police officers using lathis to threaten and even beat people for being out.

In one instance, several people were seen out on motorcycles on a deserted road. Police officers told them to go home while hitting them with their lathis.

Officers were also seen surrounding one motorcyclist and hitting him across the legs and on the back as he turns around and returns to where he came from.

A video captured two pedestrians being violently hit with lathis and chased off the street.

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