Indian Policewoman posed as a Bride to Catch Murderer

An Indian policewoman from Madhya Pradesh went undercover and posed as a bride in order to catch a murderer who was on the run.

Indian Policewoman posed as a Bride to Catch Murderer f

"I kept reminding myself of his habit of carrying guns"

An Indian policewoman arrested a wanted murderer after posing as a bride in an undercover operation. The incident happened in the city of Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Notorious gangster Balkishan Choubey had a reputation for shooting his victims without hesitation.

Sub-inspector Madhvi Agnihotri was aware that the best way to catch him was to go undercover.

She came into contact with him and pretended to be someone who was attracted to him. He eventually proposed to her.

The 28-year-old police officer spoke to the murderer over a period of three days and managed to convince him.

A ‘marriage’ was successfully arranged and a pre-wedding meeting at a temple was set for November 28, 2019, which would be the location for a police trap.

SI Agnihotri explained: “When I was preparing to meet him, I kept reminding myself of his habit of carrying guns and shooting without hesitation.”

Choubey saw his apparent bride and went to approach her. At that point, a police team tackled him to the ground.

As Choubey was being held down, SI Agnihotri approached him and revealed herself to be a police officer.

Choubey was wanted for at least fifteen cases of murder and dacoity in both Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Chhatarpur police followed his movements after he committed murder in August 2019. However, every time officers got close to arresting him, Choubey would manage to get away.

Officers even announced a reward of Rs. 10,000 (£107) for his capture.

Ever since SI Agnihotri was posted at the station, she was focused on arresting Choubey. She began looking into his background. She said:

“I learnt that he was trigger happy and absolutely ruthless. He was always armed. I also learnt about his interest in women.”

The Indian policewoman later discovered that the fugitive had a Facebook account, which he updated regularly. She added:

“His latest picture was taken from his Facebook page so that there was no margin of error while arresting him.”

After monitoring his Facebook activity, Madhvi decided to go undercover in order to arrest him. She pretended to be a woman called Radha Lodhi.

“I initiated a conversation with him. In Bundelkhandi dialect, I started talking to him as ‘Radha Lodhi’.

“I told him that I am from Chhattarpur and work as a labourer in Delhi and am visiting my village.”

Choubey was convinced by her claims.

“After chatting for just three days, he offered to marry me.”

Choubey requested to meet her before the wedding and ‘Radha’ agreed. A trap was then set.

Plainclothed officers took up their positions while SI Agnihotri waited.

“Some policemen accompanied me as my relatives. I wore a pink salwar kurta and proceeded to meet him. I had a pistol in my purse.”

As Choubey arrived, he saw ‘Radha’ and walked towards her. At that point, officers took him to the ground.

Madhvi told Times of India: “A loaded pistol was seized from him.

“He looked completely shocked when I said, ‘Radha aa gayi (Radha is here)’.”

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