Salman was told to ‘Catch and Smooch’ actress Bhagyashree?

Actress Bhagyashree opened up about the time when she overheard a photographer telling Salman Khan to ‘catch and smooch’ her.

Salman was told to ‘Catch and Smooch’ actress Bhagyashree? f

“For a second, I remained shocked"

Actress Bhagyashree revealed that Salman Khan was asked to “smooch” her during a photoshoot, however, his response blew her away.

The pair captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide with their heartwarming romance in the 1989 hit film, Maine Pyar Kiya.

In the romantic film, Prem played by Salman falls in love with Suman portrayed by Bhagyashree.

However, they are torn apart due to their family differences. Despite this, Suman’s (Bhagyashree) father allows Prem (Salman) a chance to marry his daughter. Yet, he must prove his worth.

Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) proved to be a massive success with audiences and it also marked Bhagyashree’s Bollywood debut.

As a result of the film’s success, Salman and Bhagyashree were approached to partake in numerous photoshoots at that time.

Salman was told to ‘Catch and Smooch’ actress Bhagyashree? - shirtless

According to an interview with Deccan Chronicle, Bhagyashree recalled how a well-known photographer wanted to capture “hot” photos of the duo. She said:

“There was a very popular photographer back then, who is no more. He wanted to take some not-so-complimentary photographs of Salman and me, some sort of ‘hot’ photographs.”

The unnamed photographer asked Salman to surprise Bhagyashree with a sudden kiss on the lips. She said:

“So, he took Salman aside and told him, ‘Main jab camera set up karunga [When I set up the camera], you just catch and smooth her.”

Salman was told to ‘Catch and Smooch’ actress Bhagyashree? - teddy

Despite this, Salman candidly refused to kiss Bhagyashree without her consent. She said:

“All of us were newcomers and this photographer thought he had the liberty to do something like that.

“Back then, smooching scenes were not prevalent. I don’t think he or Salman knew that I was standing very close by and could hear every word.

“For a second, I remained shocked, but just then, I heard Salman say, ‘I am not going to do anything of that sort. If you want any pose like that, you need to ask Bhagyashree.’

“I really respected Salman’s response and that’s when I realised I was among safe people.”

Even though Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) was a huge success, Bhagyashree gave up her acting career in films to focus on her family.

Speaking to Humans of Bombay, she said:

Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) went on to become such a big hit, but I was a woman so in love with my husband and my son Abhimanyu who was born soon after that I said no to every offer I got.

“I have absolutely no regrets though, I look at my life, my family now and I feel so proud.”

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