Bhagyashree recalls Marrying against Parents’ Wishes

On the show ‘Smart Jodi’, Bhagyashree revealed that her marriage to Himalaya Dassani in 1990 was against her parents’ wishes.

Bhagyashree recalls Marrying against Parents' Wishes f

"There was no one at my wedding except him."

Bhagyashree said that she married Himalaya Dassani against her parents’ wishes.

The actress made the revelation when the pair appeared on the new TV show Smart Jodi, where they renewed their wedding vows.

She and Himalaya in 1990, a year after her debut film Maine Pyar Kiya was released.

A clip was shared on Twitter, showing the couple renewing their vows.

Bhagyashree then emotionally talks about her wedding, explaining that her parents did not attend.

She said: “There was no one at my wedding except him.

“When I told my parents that I wanted to marry him, they did not agree to it.”

Bhagyashree went on to say that parents have dreams for their children, but they should allow kids to do what makes them happy.

“Parents do have dreams for their children, but the kids have their own dreams.

“And parents should allow the kids to live their dreams because, at the end of the day, it is their life.”

The pair ended up marrying in a private ceremony, in the presence of Salman Khan and Maine Pyar Kiya director Sooraj Barjatya.

Following the marriage, there were reports that Bhagyashree had eloped with Himalaya.

On Smart Jodi, Bhagyashree stated that she “didn’t do that”.

“When people and the media says that I ran away to get married, I feel so, so angry. Because I didn’t.”

Her story left her fellow contestants emotional.

After marriage, Bhagyashree gave up her acting career.

Himalaya said that at the time, they were in their 20s and in a constant honeymoon period. He said:

“We were in a joint family and there was no moment of privacy. We couldn’t lock our room and anybody would enter. Only at night, we could close it.”

This is not the first time Bhagyashree has spoken about her marriage. She previously revealed that her relationship went through a rough patch.

She had said: “Yes, Himalay ji was my first love and yes, I got married to him.

“But there was a period of time when we were separated. And I had that feeling that ‘What if I hadn’t got him in my life and I had married someone else?’

“It got me to that stage because there was a period of a year and a half that we weren’t together.

“I still get scared when I remember that feeling.”

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