Indian Man Stones Brother to Death over House Repairs

A man from Rajasthan has been arrested for the murder of his younger brother after stoning him to death during an argument.

Indian Man Stones Brother to Death over House Repairs f

Kamal began to bleed from the head

An Indian man violently killed his younger brother after attacking him with a stone.

The incident occurred in Rajasthan’s Ramganj Mandi district on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

Bhola Shankar attacked his younger brother Kamal with a stone after an argument, and Kamal died during treatment.

Bhola escaped following the incident but has now been arrested by police.

According to SP Sharad Chaudhary of Ramganj Mandi Police Station, the brothers were arguing about the removal of wood from the roof sheet of Kamal’s house.

Bhola and Kamal were on the roof of the house when the argument occurred.

Kamal asked Bhola to remove the wood from the roof sheet of his house, and Bhola refused.

An argument took place, and Bhola kicked Kamal, causing him to fall from the roof to the floor.

Even after Kamal fell from the roof, Bhola picked up a stone and struck his younger brother over the head in anger.

During the assault, Kamal began to bleed from the head, and he eventually lost consciousness.

Kamal went to Ramganj Mandi Hospital as a result of his injuries.

However, he died during treatment on his second day there.

Kamal was the youngest of three brothers. His older brothers, Bhola and Kalu, live in Richhadia village in Ramganj Mandi.

Kalu lodged a police report against Bhola.

This is not the first time that a man has used a stone to murder his brother.

In October 2020, Khar police arrested 47-year-old Sunil Tambe for killing his 50-year-old brother Sudhir with a grinding stone.

Sunil and Sudhir lived together in Khar Danda prior to the murder.

In her statement to the police, Sudhir’s wife Anjali said:

“The incident took place on October 18 when Sudhir, who had a handicap and did not go out for work, was shouting at his mother.

“Around 10:50 pm Tambe came home drunk.

“When he saw Sudhir shouting, he asked him why he was not amicable with others at home and why was it necessary for him to fight all the time.”

According to senior inspector Gajanan Kabdule, an argument between the brothers followed.

Kabdule said:

“After this, both of them started arguing, during which Tambe picked up a grinding stone and warned that if Sudhir doesn’t listen to him and stop shouting, he will hit him with the stone.

“Sudhir did not listen and told Tambe to go ahead and hit him.

“After warning several times, Tambe smashed the grinding stone on Sudhir’s head.

“Sudhir started bleeding and was taken to Cooper Hospital.”

Sudhir went into a coma following his injuries, and later died of a brain haemorrhage.

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