Indian Lawyer hired Hitman to shoot Husband

In a shocking incident, an Indian lawyer from Rajasthan attempted to have her husband shot dead by hiring a hitman to carry out the killing.

Indian Lawyer hired Hitman to shoot Husband f

He said that he was paid to carry out the killing

A police investigation is underway after it emerged that an Indian lawyer hired a hitman to have her husband killed.

At the end of August 2020, police in Rajasthan arrested a hitman who was in possession of a firearm and three cartridges.

The suspect was allegedly given money by a woman from Bharatpur to carry out the killing. However, the murder attempt was unsuccessful.

The husband, Pradyuman Kumar, works as the Judge’s reader in the District Court.

His wife Neetu Singh is a lawyer who works at the same court.

Police seized a 315 bore rifle and three cartridges from the assassin. Following his arrest, he was remanded in custody. He was identified as 28-year-old Ashish from Shamsabad in Agra.

During police questioning, he confessed to the attempt on Pradyuman’s life and revealed that he was hired by Neetu to shoot him.

He said that he was paid to carry out the killing and was summoned to Bharatpur on the instructions of Neetu.

It was discovered that the couple had been embroiled in an ongoing legal dispute. As a result, the Indian lawyer decided to have her husband killed by hiring Ashish.

On the day of the attempted murder, Ashish entered Pradyuman’s house and grabbed him by the neck. He dragged him outside the house in order to shoot him.

However, his two daughters saw what was going on and intervened to help their father. They fought with Ashish before managing to overpower him.

The sisters were able to lock Ashish inside a room, therefore, saving their father. Meanwhile, they called the police.

As soon as the police received the call, they arrived at the house and arrested the hitman.

Circle Officer Satish Verma confirmed that a case has been registered. Pradyuman also verified Ashish’s statement and said that his wife was behind the failed murder attempt.

He told officers that he and his wife had been in a legal battle for a number of years.

Police are continuing with their investigation as Neetu has gone on the run. They hope to locate her whereabouts and to arrest her.

In a separate incident, a woman was killed as she walked to her home in Australia.

Prabha Kumar was stabbed in the neck, however, an investigation found that Ms Kumar was not sexually assaulted or robbed. This led police to come up with the theory that someone from India had plotted her death.

Her husband Arun Kumar said that the police’s theory was implausible.

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