Indian Lawyer Catfished into ‘engagement’ with Prince Harry

An Indian lawyer has been tricked into thinking she was engaged to Prince Harry. She approached the court with the matter.

Indian Lawyer Catfished into 'engagement' with Prince Harry f

“Nothing but just a daydreamer’s fantasy"

An Indian lawyer has been tricked into believing she was engaged to Prince Harry, according to a recent report.

The report came on Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

Lawyer Palwinder Kaur alleged that she had been contacted by the Duke of Sussex on social media.

According to Kaur, Prince Harry told her that he wanted to marry her. She also claimed to have sent messages to Prince Charles informing him of their engagement.

However, when the wedding did not go ahead, Palwinder Kaur sought legal action against the royal for not fulfilling his supposed promise.

In her plea to Punjab and Haryana High Court, the lawyer asked for police to arrest Prince Harry, so they could marry “without any further delay”.

Live Law India’s Twitter account uploaded the plea on Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

Part of the plea read:

“Prayer in this petition filed by the petitioner, who is an advocate and is appearing in person, is to take legal action against Prince Harry Middleton son of Prince Charles Middleton resident of the United Kingdom and to direct the United Kingdom Police Cell to take action against him, as despite a promise to marry the petitioner, the said promise has not been fulfilled.”

After being questioned by the judge, the lawyer admitted she had never visited the UK or met Prince Harry.

According to her, all of their supposed interactions had been on social media and email.

Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan dismissed Kaur’s plea. Speaking of the lawyer’s story, he said:

“Nothing but just a daydreamer’s fantasy about marrying Prince Harry.”

He also described the plea as “very poorly drafted”.

However, the judge sympathised with Kaur and warned her of the dangers of catfishing.

According to Live Law India’s Twitter thread on the case, the court also said:

“It is a well-known fact that fake IDs are created on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc…

“There is every possibility that so-called Prince Harry may be sitting in a Cyber Cafe of a village in Punjab.”

According to the court, the Indian lawyer is likely to have been the victim of a catfishing scheme.

Catfishing is a deceptive act where a person creates a fake identity, usually via a social networking service.

The person uses this fake persona to target, and sometimes extort, a victim.

The real Prince Harry has been married to Meghan Markle since May 2018.

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