Indian Driver hits Elderly Women after Minor Collision

In a case of road rage, an angry Indian woman was seen hitting three elderly women following a minor car collision.

Indian Driver slaps Elderly Women after Minor Collision f

the other driver does not care and continues to throw punches

A viral video showed an Indian woman hitting three elderly women after their cab accidentally hit her car.

The minor collision happened in Chandigarh.

The driver was seen shouting at the women before grabbing one of them and trying to hit her.

Her friend tries to intervene and manages to separate the pair but not before the angry woman kicks out.

She continues to go after the woman, slapping and kicking her. At one point, the woman throws a punch at a third woman.

When the woman asks for forgiveness, the other driver does not care and continues to throw punches at her.

Meanwhile, other motorists watch the incident unfold.

Both women pull each other’s hair before they are eventually separated.

Throughout the video, a man is heard trying to calm the situation down whilst capturing the footage. He is heard telling the enraged woman:

“Ma’am, let go.”

One woman folds her hands and pleads for the other woman to stop while another points her finger at her, prompting the angry driver to swipe her hand away.

The angry woman then turns her attention to the man and hits his phone out of his hand.

As the woman prepares to make a call, lots of locals are seen watching the incident unfold.

She then returns to her car and it is revealed that the collision resulted in a tail light being smashed. The woman continues her phone call inside the vehicle.

But in a surprising twist, the woman is seen calmly speaking to the elderly women and asking them for forgiveness.

She even touches their feet as a mark of respect.

The viral video angered some viewers, who called for action to be taken against the hostile woman.

One user said: “She must be punished for such an act.”

Another said the cab driver may have caused the accident but called the woman’s actions unnecessary. The user wrote:

“But no need to fight, just call the police and get damages cleared. Take them to court.”

While it is not uncommon for car accidents to happen in India, instances of road rage have happened.

In August 2022, a woman named Kiran Singh was arrested for beating an e-rickshaw driver after his vehicle collided with her car.

A video showed Kiran shouting at the man while he calmly tried to talk to her. She refused to listen to him and slapped him.

She then grabbed him by the collar and shoved him back to his e-rickshaw.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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