Indian Bride gets Late Father’s Words Embroidered on Wedding Veil

In a viral video, a bride from Gurugram was seen wearing a wedding veil that had the words from her late father’s letter embroidered on it.

Bride gets Late Father’s Words Embroidered on Wedding Veil - f

"From my heart to yours"

An Indian bride paid tribute to her late father by getting his words embroidered on her wedding veil.

Suvanya, who lost her father to cancer in May 2021, decided to get words from a letter he had written embroidered on her wedding veil, to ensure that he could still be a part of her special day.

The 27-year-old from Gurugram got married to Aman Kalra at Rajasthan’s Khimsar Fort in December 2021.

Suvanya’s father was in the Indian Army.

To honour her father’s memory, she got married on the same date as her father’s commission day in the army – December 13.

In a video from the wedding, Suvanya can be seen wearing a veil that has the words “From my heart to yours” embroidered from her late father’s letter.

The bride’s father wrote the letter and presented it to his daughter as a birthday gift in 2020.

Suvanya said: “He wrote the same letter thrice using different inks, as he wasn’t sure of which one I would prefer.”

Created by Sunaina Khera, Suvanya’s wedding dress was also a surprise for her family members.

She added that her father’s passing is still tough for her family to talk about, stating that she hasn’t read his letter again since his death.

However, by embroidering some of his words on her wedding veil, Suvanya felt that her father still made his presence felt.


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Suvanya said: “Growing up, Papa was away. He was an army officer so he’d only visit during vacations. After college, work took us all to different cities and Papa was in Delhi.

“But 4 years ago, I moved in with Papa, he wasn’t well. And then he suddenly collapsed, it was cancer.

“Our family came together and we started Papa’s treatment.

“I’d been seeing Aman for a few years and decided then that I wanted Papa to meet him. They got on well. A few months later, we got engaged.

“While Papa was with us, he chose the wedding date, 13th December – the date he got commissioned into the Indian Army.

“On my birthday last year, Papa wrote me a letter.”

“It encapsulated anecdotes from the past, our memories together, and then wrote, ‘I hope Aman looks after you the way I did.’

“But this May, we lost him. I retracted into a shell. I even wanted to postpone the wedding. But because Papa had chosen the wedding date, I couldn’t not.

“And so, Aman and I tied the knot on the 13th of December, just as Papa desired.

“Although Papa wasn’t there physically, his presence was felt throughout. He was with me when I walked down the aisle.

“I got his letter embroidered on my veil, and he was with Maa during the ceremony. We kept his picture next to her. He was with us, from up above, showering us with love.”

Since sharing the video, many social media users have said that Suvanya’s gesture was a beautiful way to honour her father.

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