Guide for Women Travelling to India

The fall in female tourists travelling to India amid the series of crimes against women has soared up to 35 percent according to the Associated Chambers Of Commerce and Industry of India.

There is nothing stopping you from having the best time of your life.

The past few months have been relatively tough for the female populace in India.

The series of sexual assaults, murder and kidnapping has not only put a question mark on the safety of women, but has also shed light on the degree of irreverence that some men show when treating the opposite sex.

The acts of savagery by a few has tainted the rich heritage and culture of India and has forced many women travellers from different states of India and around the world to reconsider their plans to voyage to the exotic Asian coast.

To ensure safety of women travelling to India, DESIblitz have put together a mini travelling guide that offers some much needed guidance for a safer travel without deterring the excitement of the experience.

Here are some tips to help women travellers avoid being in hot waters and instead relish moments of bliss in the land of incredible India:

Travelling1. Be Confident

Half of your troubles will disappear into thin air if you exude the right kind of confidence. Don’t behave like a first-time, gullible traveller. Be stern when you say no and try to control the situation rather than the other way around.

2. Travel in Groups

If you are planning a vacation in India, it is preferable to travel in group or with an authentic travelling agency.

This is by no means a necessity, but should be considered as a safety net for any kind of predicament that you may face during the journey.

3. Carry only the Essentials

As the saying goes, one suitcase means a traveller and two means a visitor. Carry minimal luggage with you.

Things that come last on your priority list should be excluded from your luggage. Just travel light by shunning unnecessary things that may draw unwanted attention while travelling.

Travelling4. Stick to the Moral Code

Every country has its own set of ethos. In India, this is applicable with a variable degree of stringency due to its diversified culture.

What might be acceptable in one part of the country may be taboo in other places.

So try to adopt traditional moral behaviour when travelling across India. Carry ethnic wear along with western outfits and avoid being a centre of attention in public places.

5. Learn the Language

The best way to feel a part of the crowd is to learn some local dialect. This can come really handy when travelling on instinct rather than on itinerary. Another aspect that should form a part of your ‘local intellect’ is information about taxi service agencies.

Nowadays, special taxi services for women are available in all the major areas in and out of the big cities. So always keep agency telephone numbers with you every time you go out. It will go a long distance on your trip to India.

Travelling6. Market Ethics

Indian markets can be overwhelming. Try to remain poised in case things get awry. When in market places, try to carry a shawl along with you to avoid ogling eyes.

In addition to this, always make sure that you are dressed keeping the local sentiments in mind. In case of any improper behaviour, never hesitate to call out for help.

The best way to scare of eve teasers is to make them feel noticed by the public.

7. Avoid Deserted Places

This is a cardinal rule especially for female explorers who love to travel alone. Try to avoid isolated corners and places. Travel in public transport whenever possible or hire your own vehicle to run an errand during your stay.

In addition, always carry pepper spray, no matter what time of the day it is, in your purse for self defence in case of any problem. Also avoid venturing out alone at night.

If it is of dire importance, try to take help of hotel service that you are staying in. It is better to take safety in your own hands and avoid any kind of contingency at any cost when away from your home.

Travelling 8. Watch who you Befriend

Travelling means unveiling new places, trying to understand different cultures and sharing your experience with people around you and listening to their stories.

But one needs to be cautious when befriending someone especially when alone. Judging the stranger by his body language and their behaviour will save you from any unfortunate events.

Do not give any kind of personal information to a stranger no matter how alluring he might appear.

9. Carry Cash with you all the time

When you are travelling, it is imperative to keep real cash in your pocket and in your wallet. During the course of an uncalled event, the only thing that will save the day for you is the money you have in your pocket and not in an ATM machine.

10. Last, but by no means least…Have Some Fun!

Bask in the spiritual aura of rich legacy in India, relish authentic food, rejuvenate and revive your body, mind and soul with yoga and ‘ayurvedic’ treatments.

Remember, not all men are testosterone-fuelled sadists. Don’t be afraid to meet people, explore places, and try different things along the way.

Just as long as you are careful and take note of the above tips, there is nothing stopping you from having the best time of your life. Come and enjoy what India has to offer!

Dreamer by day and a writer by night, Ankit is a foodie, music lover and an MMA junkie. His motto to strive towards success is “Life is too short to wallow in sadness, so love a lot, laugh loudly and eat greedily.”

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