Sidhu Moosewala & Shooter Kahlon announce Collaboration

Sidhu Moosewala took to Instagram to share the poster for his upcoming song ‘Satisfy’ in collaboration with Shooter Kahlon.

Sidhu Moosewala and Shooter Kahlon announce collaboration - f

“Satisfy. Get ready for back to back.”

Sidhu Moosewala has worked with many Punjabi singers and his next collaboration will be with Shooter Kahlon.

Sidhu recently shared the news of the new song via Instagram.

Shooter Kahlon had also shared a picture in which he can be seen sitting behind Sidhu on a bike.

The picture instantly grabbed the attention of netizens and rumours began to circulate that a collaboration is on the way.

Sidhu confirmed the rumours by sharing the poster for ‘Satisfy’.

The poster was shared with Sidhu’s 6.8 million Instagram followers and has since amassed over 353,000 likes.

In the caption of the song’s poster, Sidhu wrote:

“Satisfy. Get ready for back to back.”

The highly-anticipated song is set to be released on November 18, 2021.

’Satisfy’ is not the first collaboration between Sidhu Moosewala and Shooter Kahlon.

The pair joined forces in 2020 to release the hit song ‘Game’ and since then, fans have been patiently waiting for their next track together.

‘Game’ is one of the most successful Punjabi tracks.

It became one of the most commented YouTube music videos in the world and the most commented YouTube music video in India.

Both Sidhu and Shooter have penned the lyrics of ‘Satisfy’.

Shooter Kahlon is famously recognised for his hit songs ‘Touchwood’ and ‘Skookum’.

Meanwhile, the music is composed by Trippy and the music video of the song is directed by Pink Pipe Pictures.

The upcoming song ’Satisfy’ will be released under the label 5911 Records.

The news of the upcoming song comes after Sidhu Moosewala was involved in rift rumours with Prem Dhillon.

Sidhu posted a Snapchat story with his picture in which he was seen targeting and firing shots at an anonymous artist.

In the caption, Sidhu wrote:

“You might have learnt how to walk holding my finger, but you have still not understood the difference between running and running away.”

Sidhu also called the unnamed artist “two-faced”.

Netizens believe that Sidhu had fired shots at Prem Dhillon.

Since then, Prem has unfollowed Sidhu on Instagram and has deleted all of the posts on his profile.

In response, Sidhu took to his Instagram Story and wrote:

“Did you get paid talking about me?

“Or you still broke #IDGAF.”

However, the story was deleted by Sidhu within a few minutes.

Meanwhile, following the release of his biggest album Moosetape, Sidhu Moosewala made his cinematic debut in 2021 with two films, Moosa Jatt and Yes I Am Student.

The Punjabi singer and actor received stellar reviews for his performance in both films.

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