Sidhu Moosewala fight with Byg Byrd & Sunny Malton

A public fight on social media between Sidhu Moosewala and the ‘Brown Boys’ has escalated with lots of fan attention. We find out what’s been said.

Sidhu Moosewala fight with Byg Byrd & Sunny Malton f

"Every song we've done with Sidhu has leaked."

Popular Punjabi artist Sidhu Moosewala came under fire from Canadian based Desi artists the ‘Brown Boys’ known as Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton. In a social media video, the duo openly accused Moosewala of not paying them and leaking songs produced by them.

The trio have been the formula for hit songs in the Punjabi music industry, attracting a major fanbase. So, this very public rift has led to the proof of a very messy split.

The video posted by the pair has led to social media fight between the two camps.

Reacting to the video posted by the ‘Brown Boys’, Sidhu Moosewala posted a counter video on social media saying the opposite and claimed that the pair are not telling the truth.

However, since Moosewala’s reply video was posted, he has had further replies from Sunny Malton, accusing him of further wrongdoings and untruths.

The main issue revolves around a song they produced with Moosewala called ‘MY BLOCK’ and how the leak of the song and not being paid for it has led to the ‘Brown Boys’ having to go public.

‘Brown Boys’ Revelations


In the video by Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton, each of them says that whilst having nothing against Moosewala as a person and someone they admire, they had to let the public know of the injustice they have experienced working with the Punjabi artist.

Sunny says:

“This time we wanted to give it to you direct.

“What got us to the tipping point, is the song MY BLOCK and whatever happened around the scheduling and releasing of this song.”

Byg Byrd then goes int the detail of what took place and why they felt Sidhu Moosewala did not do what he had agreed with them.

The video for the song had been done in 2019 and on February 23, 2020, Moosewala called Byg Bird that he wanted it mastered in order to release the song.

“He was saying the song is going to be leaked. So he knew the song was going to be leaked.”

“Surely enough, half an hour later, the song was out, under the name Kill Shot.” 

Sunny Malton is adamant that the song was leaked through Moosewala’s camp because it would be a “detriment” to what they do if they decided to leak songs.

After finalising the ‘MY BLOCK’ song Byg Bird messaged Moosewala regarding payment for the master on March 1, 2020.  After having not heard back, he messaged him again on March 11, 2020. But still got no reply.

Not hearing back, Byg Byrd uploading a 30-40 second trailer of the video onto his Instagram as a means to promote the song.

Sunny emphasises that everyone in the video are people they know and their friends, saying:

“We made the f**kin music and we are pretty much taking care of everything for the video aside from the video directors.”

The upload did get a reaction from Sidhu Moosewala who called Big Byrd from the same number he was ignored on. However, this time Byg Byrd refused to answer too.

Sidhu Moosewala fight with Byg Byrd & Sunny Malton - duo

The duo reveals that every song they worked on with Moosewala for the last three years has been leaked. Malton says:

“Every song we’ve done with Sidhu has leaked.”

“Making it look like me and this guy are leaking the music. Why in the world would we leak our music if it’s killing our money?”

They say that Sidhu made excuses about how and where the songs leaked when they asked him. Sunny says that when he was living in Brampton, Canada, he had been giving out the songs to people, who then shared them with others and so on.

Malton admits it was stupid of them not to take control of their content but they trusted Moosewala, saying:

“It’s come to a point that imagine you are working on something and everything you work on gets displayed to the public and you don’t get any recognition for it, no money, no nothing.”

The video goes on to further explain how Sidhu’s team attacked their YouTube and Instagram channels, his lack of contact and them being blamed for uploading a video teaser which belonged to a full song already leaked to the public.

Sidhu Moosewala Replies


In response to the video from the ‘Brown Boys’, Sidhu Moosewala posted a video live on Instagram in Punjabi with a counter-reaction to their claims.

He starts with saying that while he tries to ignore what people say about him, he needed to say his side. And that many people, try to increase their followers by creating such controversy, no doubt referring to the ‘Brown Boys’.

Moosewala says (in Punjabi):

“I’ve never said any low-level things against anyone and nor do I intend to. Such as he did that to me and that person did this to me.”

“I am not that type of a man that likes to make noise about such things.”

He then moves onto the points made by the ‘Brown Boys’ and refers to the lack of payment accusations.

“We are those who help make money.

“If I was one to duck payment for those who I have worked with then I must’ve also not paid ‘Kitt’ (music producer who works with Moosewala as well). This is stupid talk.

“How long have you been doing business with me? So over Rs 1 lakhs, you want to rob me? Maybe with the Rs 1 lakhs I am going to build a large mansion for myself.

“You claim I have not replied to your questions. But for those who have split from me. Why should I respond to them? I do not need to.

“But for those who planned everything with me but then when it did not go to plan, you made the move to blame Sidhu for it because it did not work. It does not make sense for me to reply.

“If it was a genuine dispute, that is something you would reply to. Where each person acknowledges their individual faults and apologises accordingly.”

He goes onto claim that the antic by the ‘Brown Boys’ was to garner more social media followers and he does not need to stoop to such levels.

Regarding the payment for the song ‘MY BLOCK’ Moosewala says:

“Tell me has MY BLOCK been released? No, it hasn’t. So, unless it’s released and I have the finalised music and version from you, only then is payment entitled to it.

“What kind of f**ked-up nonsense are they spreading among the people by saying Sidhu has not paid us.

“Okay let’s agree, that I have withheld the payment. Did I do the same for all the previous songs as well?”

He then talks about YouTube and videos uploaded without any credit to the producers. Moosewala vehemently insists that he could not digest anything if he did such a thing.

“If I have robbed anyone, then everything is going to come to a closure here. It all comes around.

“How many songs in the past have I ever added my name as a producer of the songs?

“You should be ashamed of yourselves.

“A month earlier you sat with me and had food and drink and called ‘Sidhu’ your brother. Then you go back and release such a video. Are these brotherly antics?”

He goes onto say that he has worked with so many producers and if everyone felt the same, he might as well pack it in and do ‘kheti’ which is farming.

“All the other producers would then say the same. We are going to release the songs which have been leaked. It makes me a complete idiot.”

“Why do you need a songwriter? You might as well just release your music on its own if it is that good.”

He says that he is one artist that gave producers like the ‘Brown Boys’ even more support by having them on stage and in videos with him and that he would never down-talk anyone he has worked in this way.

Moosewala explains that he did not want to be dragged into such social media arguments because he feels it is pointless. He says he wishes the ‘Brown Boys’ the best as in the same way he wishes anyone else who works at their craft to succeed.

He then discusses the leaked songs.

“Three years we have been together.

“I am ready to swear on anything religious. Putting my hand on my heart I am ready to say that If I have ever leaked any song of mine, I want my tongue to be held and I will stop singing.”

“Are you willing to do the same? You probably will. But I know to foreigners the only thing that matters is money.”

Sidhu Moosewala fight with Byg Byrd & Sunny Malton - punjab

Talking about him sharing his unreleased songs with others, Moosewala says:

“If ever one song has ever left my phone then I am fully responsible for giving it. However, I do not have the habit of telling lies. My parents taught me so.”

He then argues about the payment owed to the ‘Brown Boys’, saying:

“They say I have not paid them. But is it not worth asking how they made this money in the first place?

“Even they know I am due to have money from people instead of giving it.

“There is someone you both know, who is uploading posts about me. Ask him where did he get the money from initially.

“Think about the things you are saying and laying blame on me. I am not into taking credit for something I have not done.”

He continues to argue that he has genuinely tried to help them but they have hurt him by doing what they did and said.

“Think about your own history. Who and where you were three years ago prior and who you are now.

“And also after this, see what happens, after what you have done.”

He then accuses the ‘Brown Boys’ of leaking the songs and videos themselves and laying the blame on him.

“Video producers have told me that none of their songs work with anyone else.”

“So, you then say ‘Bro our songs are not going to work versus others he is working on, so Bro let’s leak the song that way he cannot release it.’ – this is such a low-level way of thinking.”

“These methods my brothers can only work for a short space of time.”

“I know that you are not honest with each over money, so how will you even be at all with me?”

He adds that he didn’t want to do the reply to the ‘Brown Boys’ video but he felt he needed to in this instance. He stands by his own abilities and capabilities and does not see the need to prove himself otherwise.

Moosewala goes onto say that he feels those people who are no longer seeing any future with him are simply ganging up on him by posting anti-posts and he does not have the skills in English or the attitude to reply to them.

He says that when it comes to making demands on him for producing songs, nothing has ever been an issue like ‘Bro, I want $5000 for a song.’

Sidhu says that if you want to leak the songs, go ahead because he will just have to record new ones. Also, that he is not just alone in this situation. Other singers have also experienced producers leaking songs.

“They get the songs recorded from singers first then demand the money of them. Give us the money, pay the money…

“But then when the singer is not ready to release the song and does not pay immediately, they turn on the singers. Release our song, why are you not releasing it?

“And when they do not because they feel it is not the right time. They start leaking the songs.”

Moosewala says the songs being leaked by the ‘Brown Boys’ are old songs which were recorded and made when he was in Canada.

He continues in the video saying he needed to tell his side of the story to the world and what antics they as producers got up to.

“I get sworn at by millions daily in comments. The only thing that gets me going is my songs.”

“You should be ashamed of washing your linen in public like this with someone you sat with.”

He says he is disappointed that Big Byrd leaked the video trailer of the song without asking him.

“Being responsible for the singing, the lyrics and payment for the song. How did it give you the right to claim the song as yours?”

He continues talking about how he feels let down by the same people he worked with and says that he came on live on Instagram to answer the points raised by the ‘Brown Boys’.

He concludes saying:

“You continue to do what you are doing and I will do what I am doing.

“If I’m bad then I am so in my home and if you are bad, you are so in your home.

“Social media is never a good place to have a fight.”

“If you still have anything to give or take, you have my number and you should call me.

“But if you continue to do this, you will get the trolling from people as you have had already.

“I have done this live especially for this. If tomorrow someone else says something, I simply don’t have the time or energy to respond.

He adds that once the song ‘MY BLOCK’ is released, he will pay them, saying:

“The Rs. 1 to 1.5 lakhs that is owed to you will be paid so do not worry about it.

“There is no beef here. You just do your own work and reap the success.”

Sidhu Moosewala finally says that he does not want to have to come onto do a live post again over this matter.

He is not interested in being dragged into more social media fights and if he gets respect, he will give it back.

Sunny Malton Reacts


It was not long before, the counter video posted by Sidhu Moosewalla got a reaction from the ‘Brown Boys’, in particular Sunny Malton.

This time Sunny decided to post a series of replies in Punjabi on a live Instagram post as well. It can be said that he did not welcome the comments made by Moosewala in his video.

The fight between the producer and Moosewala was then escalated to another level.

Sunny says that his Punjabi may not be as good as Moosewala’s but he still wanted to come on and tell the public the truth in the language.

He starts by saying that Moosewala made a copyright claim on his song on YouTube, leading to a strike on his account and how he has never supported them.

“Ask him when did he support releases by us. He never shared anything.

“Right until this day when has he supported the ‘Brown Boys’ channel?”

He says that Moosewala knows how to make people emotional and woo people onto his side. Especially in Punjab.

Sunny continues to say:

“He says where were we three years earlier? Where was he three years earlier? When he needed to do the ‘So High’ video?

“Who shot it and who helped get it made for you?

“Now you are so full of talk.”

Sunny explains how Moosewala wanted Byg Byrd’s gold chain and wanted to know what type of clothes to wear, along with shoes and the pants for the shoot. Plus, he wanted Byrd’s Phantom car, which was not hired but owned by Byrd.

“And here he is now saying that all we think about is money.”

“He thinks it’s simple that he can own a Phantom one day or a Range Rover.”

Sunny reminds him of the time Moosewala was sitting in their studio and how he wanted them to get rid of the students doing tracks in there, saying:

“Get them out. Get them out. Make my songs.”

Angrily, Sunny says that the points they made in their video that they wanted him to talk about he did not do. He’s just misleading people with other things rather than focusing on the matter they raised with him.

Sunny reveals that Sidhu wanted to keep all the money for the ‘Hauli Hauli’ song from the ‘Brown Boys Forever’ album, when he spoke to him in July 2019. Whereas Sunny said, you keep 50%, I will have 25% because of the rap and Byrd 25% for the beats.

Talking about Moosewala’s accusation of them leaking their songs, Sunny says:

“Brother, which singer have we not worked with? Bawa’s song is the only one that got leaked which we do not how. But what about the Kill songs, they’ve never been leaked till this day.

“The Amrit Maan songs which we have done. They have never been leaked or never will be.

“We may not speak to these artists much but we still have respect for them, bro”.

Sidhu Moosewala fight with Byg Byrd & Sunny Malton - sunny

Sunny exposes Moosewala’s comment that they sat with him in Punjab and ate together, saying:

“I’ve never even seen Punjab yet. You claim that you’ve fed us food. Have I been to your village?”

“You stayed here for three years. My mother made you food. Not you.

“Whenever there was a fight or scuffle with your friends, you used to come and hide at our house.”

Sunny then reminds Moosewala that he must tell people the truth and stop taking them on rides by telling them half-stories.

Telling him that despite not going to Punjab he’s still conversing in Punjabi versus him who stayed for five years in Canada and did not pick up one word of English.

“Going to media interviews you said I want to do it ‘N***a’ style. Is that a thing? There is no such thing as ‘N***a style’ bro. I feel embarrassed.”

“The song Legend that we did. Who was in that? The same producer and rapper stood with you. You phoned us to come to the shoot and to bring our black friends with us.”

“This is not Jamaica to bring you ‘black’ people. You have no idea do you? Now you sit there in Punjab coming out with all this. It makes me laugh.”

Sunny reminds him that one side he is swearing by his faith and on the other side, he cannot stop telling lies.

“We’ve got all the voice-notes of everything. We have never leaked anything. If it ever came to it, you’d be left naked and exposed. You go on about being jealous.”

Sunny says they never asked him for the money until two months after for ‘MY BLOCK’ was ready, compared to his claims.

Speaking about Moosewala’s abilities as an artist and songwriter Sunny says:

“Has anyone said that you cannot write? You are a good artist and songwriter but as a person you are deplorable.”

“Your personality has surfaced as a thief.”

“We still play your songs. Despite not talking to you. You learned everything from us from wearing clothes to learning hand movements apart from moving your lips sitting on a village manja (bed).

Talking about the money Moosewala claims he is owed Sunny says:

“The reason why you are not getting money from those people is because of the wrong antics you have done with people.

“Shows being agreed at $8,500 you then demanded $10,500 for.”

Sunny reminds him of the time for the USA show he did not want to take Byrd with them despite the promoter’s request. The same person that taught him everything.

“This is because he wants money from you for the beats he’s made for the songs. And you don’t want to pay him so that your livelihood is looked after and we don’t get anything.”

“You cannot even pay the flat fee.

“We all worked on the shows with you but all you did was lip-sync.

“You claim you are a man of faith never once did you show us that here in Canada. Stop lying.

“We’ve got screenshots of everything.”

Regarding songs leaking Sunny says:

“You say that we have leaked our songs. But what about the other songs not produced with Byrd’s beats? Why have all of those got leaked too? Which song of yours has not got leaked?”

“We still feel you are a great artist bro but as a human being, you are not. I cannot stop. I have to tell people about the real you. People are telling us to leave you alone.”

He continues in the video to highlight that he is not telling the truth.

“We never started music for money. 

“We took you on as a member of our team and included you in songs.

“A song we were going to put on our Brown Boys album we put on your channel instead because you wanted it this way.

“Big Boy Deep paid for that song. You should’ve paid for that song and you made money from it.”

Sunny tells Moosewala of the track ‘Same Beef’ with Bohemia, for which they created a beat.  He said they were happy for him to put on his YouTube channel for free. However, when he then sold it onto Yash Raj Films, he never paid them for that work but made money from it.

“I have no fear of people trolling or swearing at us. You love controversy and this is why you are playing games.

“You’ve been saved. We were always there to support you and stood by you.

“We made our video in a sensible way, to bring matters to your attention because you were not replying.”

“But you never replied our points. Instead, you diverted people making yourself look the good guy.”

Sunny then reveals how he paid for Moosewala to have his teeth done.

“Keep the teeth but pay me the money you owe me for them.”

“If you are a Punjabi then behave like a true Punjabi by his word.

“If there is anything else, then feel free to ask. We will tell the truth.”

“You are listening to the wrong people. Bring any rapper in front of me, I’m ready.”

Sunny concludes by saying I have not fulfilled everything I wanted to say and only said half of it. But they will reveal all if they have to.

“You play your voice-notes to the people. No problem. We have them as well. When you play them so will we.

“It’s not that what Sidhu says is the truth and what the Brown Boys says you need proof for it.

“We are not going to reveal the evidence until he does.”

Finally, Sunny eggs them on to troll him and swear at him as much as they want. He’s happy playing Call of Duty and chilling, while laughing at this whole thing.

He tells Moosewala to stop making a fool of people, stop bringing religion into his argument and talk like a man.

There is no doubt that this feud is still not fully over. As to whether Sidhu Moosewala will comeback on social media to reply to Sunny is yet to be seen.

For now, there is no doubt that the beef between these two parties is a hostile one and a split between them is very evident.

We wait to see what unfolds in this saga of Punjabi music which features both a Punjabi and Canadian Desi artists in its spotlight.

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