Feroze Khan opens up about ‘Angry Young Man’ Image

Feroze Khan has opened up about fake accents, his ‘angry young man’ label and glorifying domestic violence in Aye Musht-e-Khaak.

Feroze Khan opens up about ‘Angry Young Man’ Image

"I still have a lot of friends in Bollywood."

Feroze Khan recently sat down for an interview with Wajahat Rauf for his web talk show.

The actor shed light on his upcoming rap debut, while also reflecting on his place in the showbiz industry.

Feroze has often received flak for his portrayals of enraged men, with the actor even being accused of glorifying domestic violence in Aye Musht-e-Khaak.

However, when asked whether he identifies with the label of ‘angry young man’, Feroze shared that those around him can judge better.

He explained: “There’s nothing I do for these rumours to gain popularity.

“Not just this, there are a lot of other things about me that are popular, but I don’t know how much truth there is to them. I feel like you can tell me better.”

The host also quizzed the actor about his relationship with his co-star in Aye Musht-e-Khaak, Sana Javed, against whom there has been a recent slew of accusations of bullying.

When asked to confirm or deny whether he shares a “love-hate” relationship with the starlet, Feroze responded:

“Yes, we’ve worked together quite a lot. So, spending so many weeks and months together, it happens.”

It is of note, however, that the interview was filmed before the accusations came to light.

Feroze also reflected on his relationship with fellow Bollywood actors.

Speaking about whether he is no longer friends with Bollywood actors, Feroze responded in the negative.

He explained: “No, this isn’t true. I still have a lot of friends in Bollywood. They respect me and vice versa. But, obviously, the country comes first.”

The actor also shared that he will be making his singing debut soon with a rap song.

He said: “I am working on a song. It is a rap. In fact, I’m working on an album.”

He recently announced the song on his Instagram, which seems like an English rap number.

The Ishqiya star shared a BTS clip from his studio recordings.

Clad in a grey V-neck sweater, white loose pants and black sunglasses coupled with headphones, the actor’s rapper avatar is striking.

During the interview, Feroze Khan also spoke about fake accents, and how one should not judge others based on them.

He explained: “I don’t think you should criticise anyone for their accent.

“We all have a history of some sort. When you’re adopting a language from elsewhere, you can easily pick up the accent and the dialect as well. So, it’s fine.”

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