Feroze Khan & Ushna Shah to Pair First Time in a Drama

Images circulating on social media indicate that Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah will be a new on-screen couple for an upcoming drama serial.

Feroze Khan & Ushna Shah to Pair First Time in a Drama - F

"Day 1 with my Day-one. Shot my first scene of new serial"

An upcoming drama serial will see Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah pair up together for the first time on screen.

There has been no formal announcement about the new Pakistani drama.

However, behind the scene images on social media suggest that a serial is definitely on the cards.

On March 4, 2022, Feroze Khan put up a specific picture of himself and Ushna Shah via his official Instagram.

In the photo, the two stars are clearly looking at a script and talking through things.

Alongside the image, Feroze used the hashtag #THENEXTBIG with a caption reading:

“Here’s to the one good energy Ushna Shah! Great sport!”

Feroze Khan & Ushna Shah to Pair First Time in a Drama - IA 1

This post was a prime indicator that the two will share screen space for this upcoming drama. Earlier between 2nd and 3rd March, Feroze posted images of himself, using the same hashtag.

Meanwhile, on March 3, 2022, Ushna put up a post through her Instagram about the same project. However, she went on to mention working with her sister, Irsa Ghazal, in a drama serial.

Besides posting an image with her sister and tagging her, she wrote:

“Day 1 with my Day-one. Shot my first scene of new serial with my mother’s first-born.

“Our first drama together (technically third, as Irsa corrected me: first was when mama was expecting me & her and Irsa worked together and the second was when I played a kidnapped baby at 6 months old).

“What a day What an actor”

Ushna had also gone on to share an image of actor-director Musaddiq Malek and director Nadeem Baig on her Instagram story.

In-text form, she put forward a question as well, stating:

“Actor kon Director kon Parallel universe” [who is the actor or director amongst them]?

Feroze Khan & Ushna Shah to Pair First Time in a Drama - IA 2

One of the cast members, Saba Faisal also put up an image featuring herself, Feroze Khan, Ushna Shah, Irsa Ghazal and Hina Rizvi on March 4, 2022.

She captioned the photo, writing, “a new beginning.” Reportedly the drama is titled, Umeed, with Six Sigma Productions being the producers.

Off-screen, Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah have been seen quite cosy together during the teaser launch of Parde Mein Rehne Do by Wajahat Rauf.

Netizens were quick to label the two as “inappropriate” with them hugging each other at this event. They were also speculating about the two dating each other.

Irrespective of whether Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah are dating or not, it will be interesting to see their on-screen chemistry for this forthcoming drama.

Faisal has creative experience in the fusion of media and communication and research which increase awareness of global issues in post-conflict, emerging and democratic societies. His life motto is: "persevere, for success is near..."

Images courtesy of Feroze Khan and Saba Faisal Instagram.

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