Falak Shabir believes India will not allow Pakistani Stars to Work

Falak Shabir believes India will not allow Pakistani stars to work in the country even after the ban has been lifted.

Falak Shabir believes India will not allow Pakistani Stars to Work f

"They will never remove this ban.”

Falak Shabir believes that India will not allow Pakistani artists to work there even though a ban has been lifted.

In a recent Q&A session on Instagram, Falak was asked about the ban and what it meant for Pakistani artists.

Believing there will be no change, he replied:

Not possible. I got this notice from T-Series when I was in Mumbai in 2015.

“They will never remove this ban.”

Falak then proceeded to share an image of a press release letter sent by the Federation of Western India Cine Employees which stated:

“We, the mother body of FWICE in a joint meeting with all our affiliates have taken a unanimous decision today to ban the Pakistani artists and technicians from working in the films/TV serials produced by Indian producers in any language.

“The above decision has been taken due to the war-like situation unleashed by Pakistan due to which we have lost so many soldiers and common men on the streets of India.

“We stand by our security forces and their families in this hour of crisis and believe in ‘Nation comes first’.

“The ban notice has been sent to all affiliates and Prodicer’s associations.”

Falak Shabir’s statement comes after it was recently reported that the Bombay High Court had rejected a petition that was in favour of the ban of Pakistani artists working in India.

Faaiz Anwar Qureshi was responsible for the petition and he argued that multiple artists from Pakistan should not be allowed to work in India.

This applied to singers, musicians, actors and technicians.

However, Justice Sunil B Shukre and Justice Firdosh P Pooniwala were not in agreement with the ban and both agreed it was necessary for peace and harmony between the two countries.

A statement read: “A true patriot is a person who is selfless and devoted to the cause of his country, which he cannot be unless he is a person who is good at heart.

“A person who is good at heart would welcome in his country any activity which promotes peace, harmony and tranquillity within the country and across the border.

“Arts, music, sports, culture, dance and so on are the activities which rise above nationalities, cultures and nations, and truly bring about peace, unity and harmony between nations.

“One must understand that to be a patriot, one need not be inimical to those from abroad especially, from the neighbouring country.”

The ban came into effect in 2019 when it was demanded in certain parts of India that there be a constraint on cultural and artistic transactions with Pakistan.

This meant that celebrities such as Fawad Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Zafar, Mahira Khan and Atif Aslam were not allowed to work in India anymore.

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