Entrepreneur who Quit School at 16 sells Luxury Watches

An entrepreneur has revealed how he quit school at the age of 16 and now sells luxury and rare watches in Mayfair.

Entrepreneur who Quit School at 16 sells Luxury Watches f

"The money's in the watches."

Entrepreneur Danny Shahid sells luxury watches at his dealership in the prestigious Burlington Arcade in Mayfair with his uncle and brother.

However, he came from a deprived area in Middlesbrough and was raised by his mother and grandmother.

He ended up quitting school at 16 and followed his uncle to London.

Danny recalled:  “I wasn’t the type to sit down in the classroom – I was always trying to make money and sell things, whether that’s shoes or mobile phones, literally anything I could find on eBay I’d try and buy and sell it.”

Danny’s uncle saw his ambition and when he started a business that gold-plated iPhones, Danny decided to help.

Selfridges took a liking to the gold-plated products and opted to stock them in-store.

When that contract came to an end, they began stocking in Harrods, which is where Danny discovered the art of watch dealing.

Danny said: “When the Royal Qatari family bought Harrods, one of the men in the family had a watch for sale, but he wanted it kept private.

“He showed me his watch and it was worth about £10,000 – coming from where I’m from, looking at a watch that’s worth £10,000, I almost fell over.

“I went with him to Hatton Garden [London’s diamond district], sold the watch, and made a £2,000 profit.

“I said to my uncle that we’re running around, doing crazy things to get by selling these iPhones, but look where the money is.

“The money’s in the watches. I made £2,000 in about 30 minutes work.”

Danny and his uncle then began learning as much as they could about watches.

Using the money from their gold plating business, they bought some stock and set up a watch emporium in Hatton Garden.

Danny’s ultimate goal was to have a shop in Burlington Arcade. At 27, he has achieved that far sooner than expected.

Diamond Watches London operates out of a boutique store in Mayfair. It is still run by Danny, his uncle, younger brother and a family friend.

Danny came from Middlesbrough, where his mother was unwell and unable to work. Meanwhile, his grandmother worked two jobs to support the family after his father left when he was a young child.

He was not too keen on school, preferring to channel his energy into entrepreneurship.

Danny now sells watches worths up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. One of the most expensive watches he has ever sold went for £385,000.

His clients range from Premier League footballers to musicians.

Danny has around 5,000 contacts in the global watch trade, so he is able to source the rarest watches quickly.

He also shares some of the luxury watches that pass through his boutique on Instagram to his 90,000 followers.


Danny revealed that clients fly him across the world to source watches.

In one case, a longtime client flew him to Singapore to find a rare Richard Mille watch that he ended up buying for £155,000.

Danny told MyLondon: “I was on a flight to Singapore on Saturday morning, and I was back in London on Tuesday morning with the watch.

“Being there, coming back home with that watch – that was an unbelievable experience.”

“Travelling to Singapore, going around the country – the watch deal was done in one day, so I had two days to roam around Singapore which was nice, and it was even better doing it with a Richard Mille on my wrist.”

Danny also regularly encounters A-list celebrities.

His success means that his grandmother no longer needs to work “but she’s always trying to do something”.

He added: “It’s nice to be able to give that back, to have her relaxing.”

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