Did Sara Ali Khan leave Hotel with Shubman Gill?

Sara Ali Khan was spotted leaving a hotel with a mystery man. Amid ongoing dating rumours, did she have a romantic getaway with Shubman Gill?

Sara Ali Khan & Shubman Gill leave Hotel amid Dating Rumours f

“Is that Sara and Shubman together again?”

Sara Ali Khan was spotted leaving a hotel with a man which many social media users believe was Shubman Gill.

Speculation first arose in August 2022 when the pair were spotted at a restaurant together.

Another series of videos has led to fans believing that the pair are dating.

Sara was seen making her way out of a hotel.

Sara, who was wearing a pink top, handed her luggage to a staff member before making her way back into the hotel.

The video then showed a man handing his luggage to the same hotel worker.

The man had a striking resemblance to the cricketer and many believed the pair had been staying together.

Sara was later seen on a flight and was more than happy to take pictures with some of her fans.

The actress then made her way to her seat and sat down next to the man who left the hotel with her.

On social media, netizens believed the man was Shubman and that he and Sara were indeed dating.

One fan wondered: “Maybe I’m wrong but it looks like Shubman and Sara were sitting next to each other.”

Another asked: “Is that Sara and Shubman together again?”

Adamant that the man was Shubman, one said:

“Yes that’s him so I guess they are officially dating.”

Another declared: “OMG they are dating.”

However, one sceptic said they will only believe they are in a relationship when Sara is spotted watching him play, saying:

“Won’t believe it until she comes to watch his match. That’s the minimum of dating cricketers.”

Some said that Bollywood and cricket are “inseparable”, with one tweeting:

“This bond is very old, even before the 90s. Bollywood and cricket are inseparable, news of affairs just pop up now and then.”

Meanwhile, others asked Shubman Gill to focus on his career instead.

One person said: “Focus on cricket brother, you could become the next big player like Virat Kohli.”

Another person mentioned Rishabh Pant, who has been in the headlines for his feud with Urvashi Rautela, who he was allegedly in a relationship with.

“I hope Shubhman does not have the same experience as Rishabh Pant.”

There were also claims that Sara Ali Khan and Shubman Gill are actually having an affair.

One person said: “I think it’s the second time they are spotted together. It’s an affair.”

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