Dharmendra says ‘Coronavirus is the Result of our Bad Deeds’

Veteran actor Dharmendra has expressed his concern regarding the coronavirus as he believes humans are to blame for their negligence.

Dharmendra says the ‘Coronavirus is the Result of our Bad Deeds’ f

“I am saying this with a very heavy heart."

Bollywood actor Dharmendra has shared a video on Twitter revealed his thoughts about the coronavirus pandemic and what he believes led to the outbreak.

Dharmendra captioned the video with a hopeful message in Hindi which translates to, “Lead life like an honest human being. God will bless you.”

In the video, Dharmendra shares his thoughts stating humanity is to blame for the spread of the coronavirus. He said:

“Human beings are paying for their sins these days. This coronavirus is the result of our bad deeds.

“Had we loved humanity and cared for it, we wouldn’t have been in a situation like this. At least today, learn your lesson. Maintain unity. Love humanity and keep it alive.”

Dharmendra, who is seen joining both his hands, urges everyone to come together. He said:

“I am saying this with a very heavy heart. Come together for the one above, for yourself, for your kids, for the world, for humanity.”

The veteran actor’s daughter Esha Deol commented on the video with a heart emoji.

Dharmendra’s grandson Karan Deol also showed his love by saying, “Love you bade papa.”

Previously, Dharmendra showed his support to Narendra Modi’s 9 pm 9 minutes’ call by burning stick lamps.

He also shared the message: “You can’t kill, CORONAVIRUS with (a) gun. It is somewhere in the crowd. Wait and watch for another 15 days it will die its own death.

“Be at home, take it as an opportunity to get rid of some bad habits by doing yoga and exercise. Act according to Modi Ji’s speech.”

It appears Dharmendra’s actor-turned-politician wife Hema Malini has been following her husband’s advice.

Hema Malini has been living in isolation at her residence in Mumbai. Speaking to Radio Nasha’s RJ Anmol, Hema revealed her daily routine. She said:

“When I have to catch a flight, I don’t do yoga or meditation.”

“Now I am getting full time. I do yoga and meditation in the morning.

“My trainer used to come for the workout, now I do it without him. Now the helpers can’t come and go. The one who is there with me can’t go out.

“So, I don’t give him too much trouble. I washed my own clothes, did jhadu-puja too. I also watered the plants in the balcony.

“You feel very independent and you feel very nice that you can do everything and don’t need a servant.

“I also water the plants on the terrace. The cook is at home so that’s not a problem.”

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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