Dhami Amarjit reveals Impact of COVID-19 on his Music

Dhami Amarjit is a young aspiring musician. He speaks exclusively to DESIblitz about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting his journey in the industry.

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"I do miss being in the studio with the team"

The ever-growing threat of the deadly virus COVID-19 has affected life drastically and has taken its toll on the music industry.

Dhami Amarjit is a young British Asian lyricist/songwriter, born in Leicester, UK. Working out of the public view, he has worked alongside his close associate Sukhjit Singh Olk (Tru-Skool).

Whilst Tru Skool is a popular musician, it has allowed Dhami Amarjit to present his musical talents to the Asian community.

Furthermore, he has also collaborated with Punjabi folk singer Ashok Prince. Whilst predominantly specialising in the creative process of music, he also aims to become a singer.

However, following the severe impact of the Coronavirus, it has put a significant disturbance on his musical career.

DESIblitz had an exclusive interaction with Dhami Amarjit, as he explains how his work is coping around the global pandemic.

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Who are you and what do you do?

I am a UK born and bred Punjabi lyricist/songwriter AND an upcoming vocalist.

Also, I have been releasing music professionally since 2016 with my debut on the hit album ‘One Time 4 Ya Mind’ with Tru-Skool and Ashok Prince (I wrote four tracks).

I have also worked with Gurj Sidhu, Kru 172 from Chandigarh, G Sidhu (USA) and other international artists.

How has it affected your work?

The work that I do doesn’t require a fixed address – heck you don’t even need a pen and pad to write lyrics anymore.

As long as you have a mobile phone with data/WiFi, you can do this role from anywhere so in that respect nothing has been affected by COVID-19.

However, I do feel that I have felt less motivated over the past few weeks and I would attribute this to the media, press, social media negativity around the whole COVID-19 issue.

“I am a very positive and optimistic person, however, this situation has been quite draining.”

But for sure, I won’t let it beat me though as together, we will all get through this!

How are you coping financially?

I am blessed to have food on the table, clothes on my back and a roof over my head so I can’t complain.

I don’t live a flashy lifestyle – I just live to my means and therefore it’s all gravy (it’s all good).

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How has the lockdown affected you and your family?

For me personally, like I said – it’s been quite draining. I feel that the media and social media sucks the energy out of you with a shed load of negative commentary.

However, I’ve decided that I won’t allow external factors to affect me internally anymore.

We can’t control the bigger picture but we can control our own world so, I refuse to let the negativity affect my work and life.

We have too much to be grateful for, so I for one am making a change. With regards to my family, it’s been a very bumpy journey to explain the seriousness of COVID-19 to them – especially my father.

My father is a taxi driver and one of the hardest working guys I know. He is one of the main reasons my life is so comfortable as he worked extremely hard to make sure life was better for us.

However, this is also a negative as this means he doesn’t know how to rest.

It was a very difficult battle to get my father to stop working. This was because he didn’t acknowledge the seriousness of the virus – he only agreed to stop working recently.

It got to the point where I had to write out a list of my close family (all my uncles, aunties, cousins) and it went to around 120 people.

I then asked him to choose ten people that he would be happy to lose. He couldn’t – and I explained that out of all the people that get it, 10% die. I think that did drill the message into his mind.

We will, as a family (a universal family) get through this. We just have to stay positive, take the necessary precautions and be careful. That’s all.

Do you feel your work can survive COVID-19?

Of course – as I said; what I do isn’t dependent upon being in one location or providing a service of a physical product.

We create music and as long as we have the tools to communicate with each other; we will always be connected.

“I do miss being in the studio with the team and being there throughout the process. That is a magical feeling!”

It is BAU – Business As Usual. More lyrics, more songs, more music – to carry on full speed.

We want to ensure that we bring quality content without delaying quantity. You will hear a LOT more from me…. maybe even me singing a song – who knows?

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Despite how damaging the coronavirus has been on Dhami’s career, he remains hopeful of bouncing back into his musical work.

Also, he believes this lockdown is crucial to reflect on his future aspirations and how he will do things differently.

Be sure to look out for upcoming music by Dhami by following his socials such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Ajay is a media graduate that has a keen eye for Film, TV & Journalism. He likes playing sport, and enjoys listening to Bhangra and Hip Hop. His motto is "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Images courtesy of Twitter, Dhami Amarjit Instagram

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