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  • Tru-Skool Makes the Mainstream UK iTunes Chart

    Ashok Prince and Tru-Skool have appeared on the Official UK iTunes Chart with their new album One Time 4 Ya Mind. Can your downloads take them to Number 1?

    One Time 4 Ya Mind by Tru-Skool and Ashok Prince

    “This is the highest a Panjabi album has ever peaked in this chart."

    Ashok Prince and Tru-Skool released their new album One Time 4 Ya Mind on July 28, 2016. And it has proven to be a massive success.

    Their ten track album has stormed in to No 3 on the mainstream UK iTunes chart. And it has done so in just the one day since its official release.

    Can your downloads really take a Panjabi album to the top of the UK iTunes charts?

    Tru-Skool is hoping so. He says: “This is the highest a Panjabi album has ever peaked in this chart. Let’s try and get this to #1 and represent Panjabis on a bigger scale!”

    One Time 4 Ya Mind is Tru-Skool’s first project since Diljit Dosanjh’s blockbuster Back to Basics album.

    It combines traditional Panjabi folk music with hip-hop sounds made by Tru-Skool. And the unique album has proven to be a complete success, peaking at No 3 in the UK iTunes charts.

    There has been a fantastic fan response to One Time 4 Ya Mind by Tru-Skool and Ashok Prince.

    Daldeep says: “I seriously can’t get enough. Every single track is just something else. What an outstanding album!”

    Tru-Skool first spotted the powerful vocals of Ashok Prince when Prince was performing at a mela in Amsterdam, Holland. His discovery may well have reinvigorated Panjabi folk music.

    Legends such as Manak and Bindrakhia are now long gone. But Ashok Prince’s powerful raw vocals have breathed new life in to the genre. And Prit agrees:

    “This is what the UK bhangra industry needed! One Time 4 Ya Mind by Ashok Prince and Tru-Skool is Desi folk music at its best!”

    DESIblitz especially recommends a careful listen to the upbeat ‘Chitthi’ track on the album. And to also have a careful listen to the lyrics of ‘Pher Tehnu Man Ja Geh’.

    Tru- Skool and Ashok Prince released their new One Time 4 Ya Mind album on the same day as Dr Zeus’ collaboration with Falak Shabir was released.

    Click here to find out more about the huge collaboration between Zeus and Falak for their new single ‘Main Ki Kara’.

    One Time 4 Ya Mind by Tru-Skool and Ashok Prince is now available to download legally from iTunes.

    Keiran is an English graduate with a passion for writing and a love for music, sports, and his two dogs. He enjoys listening to Bhangra and R&B, as well as playing various sports. Keiran says: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

    Images courtesy of the Official Twitter page of Tru-Skool


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