Deepika Padukone wows in Antique Green at Cannes 2017

Deepika Padukone wows fans again in another show-stopping outfit. Wearing a magnificent antique green gown, she’s shown she can slay Cannes 2017!

Deepika Padukone wows in Antique Green at Cannes 2017

The actress created a vision of elegance and luxury.

Day 2 of Deepika Padukone’s debut appearance at Cannes 2017 witnessed another jaw-dropping outfit.

After creating a magnificent debut red carpet outfit yesterday, the ‘Ethereal Enchantress’ showed she can work a new, different style.

18th May 2017 saw Deepika change from purple to dark green. Wearing a long, elegant antique green dress, she opted for a similar one-sleeve design.

However, with a dramatic slit at the bottom, Deepika showed off her stunning legs and black stilettos. It immediately created an eye-catching statement.

The dress highlighted the starlet’s stunning figure, as it hugged her body flawlessly.

With a flowing train behind the dress, the actress created a vision of elegance and luxury. L’Oreal Paris appeared proud to show off their ambassador’s look, as they tweeted:

She also showcased intriguing makeup, creating an iconic look. Matching her dress, Deepika wore striking dark green eyeshadow that finished with a wing edge. Opting for a natural contour and a nude lip, she made the bold choice of abandoning eyeliner.

However, this decision still drew full attention to her eyes. Fans will also notice her gorgeous silver earrings, detailed with tiny leaves.

They compliment both Deepika’s make-up and gown perfectly, matching the dark green hues.

She also wore simple, yet stylish jewellery such as silver bangles and styled her hair in a up-do bun. Truly creating an image of sophistication and beauty.

So there we finally have Deepika Padukone’s full appearance at Cannes 2017. We have witnessed her turn out stunning looks, from posing at the French Rivera to smouldering in purple.

Deepika has shown a whole range of different looks, each one capturing her on-trend style.

Has she pulled off her first appearance at the film festival? We certainly think so! The actress has shown she can rule the red carpet, as she creates memorable outfits and captivating looks.

As Deepika’s appearance draws to a close, fans will wait in anticipation for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Let’s see what the “Queen of Cannes” will create for this year!

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Images courtesy of L'Oreal Paris Twitter.

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