5 Desi Wedding Guest Outfits for Women

Attending your friend’s, colleagues or cousin’s wedding this season? See our selection of wedding guest outfits to help you feel comfortable yet modish.

5 Desi Wedding Guest Outfits for Women

With the photo booth trend, there's the pressure to look amazing.

Hunting for the best wedding guest gear?

Decorated with gorgeous gold calligraphy, an elegant wedding invitation, wrapped up in a white envelope has recently landed on your doormat.

The ‘save the dates’ days are around the corner.

Then after the wave of excitement comes the dressing stress. What does one wear as a wedding guest to this not-so-close occasion?

Although it’s the bride who should really be worried, but, how about a thought for the lovely wedding guest?

As a wedding guest, you want to feel comfortable in an outfit, one that ‘fits in’ according to your relationship with the happy couple. One that looks decent when you walk into the venue and are captured by the videographer.

Yet, it still looks striking and flattering when you freestyle on the dance floor. And, certainly, one that doesn’t appear overly blinged and full on. But has some sort of a trendy fashionable impression. Also, something that significantly isn’t worn by numerous other wedding guests!

The struggle is real right?

Here’s how to look stylish and classy. Yet, appropriate and decent as a wedding guest at 5 different wedding scenarios.

Colleagues Wedding

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Although you spend 9 to 5 working with them. But, the majority of the communication is through email, then this would probably be the most difficult wedding scenario.

Perhaps, wearing something a bit simple, such as a short Anarkali dress with collars that has subtle embroidery? Or a plain and long Kameez style jacket will do the job.

The simplicity will certainly remind you to keep things professional. But at the same time, you will surely look on trend. Anarkalis and long jackets are still huge this season.

Now, just combine with a box clutch bag and some jazzy heels. So the look is still glam and a bit less office like.

Friends Wedding

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Is it an early friendship? Or is it the wedding of your best friend? Or even a friend you haven’t seen for many years? Whatever the level of friendship, fabrics like lace, net, raw silk or even chiffon will work best.

As a wedding guest for your best friend’s special occasion, you want to find something that matches the wedding venue and theme. Yet, making sure it’s not so extraordinary that it overshadows the bride or even her family members. So making a perfect statement that is elegant but relaxed.

How about a fit and flare embroidered ball gown, with a matching glittering clutch bag? Add heels, button earring studs, and a polished lipstick.

But, if it’s a distant friend, steer clear of the sparkly bling and bright lips!

Perhaps, you should stick to dark or muted hues. You can still wear an Anarkali that doesn’t have too many pleats, as that will overdo you. Do wear heels, but making sure they are not your brand new stilettos which you can hardly walk in!

Cousins Wedding

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The real question is how close are you to your cousin? Even if you are not that close, family weddings are much more relaxed and probably don’t need such a strict dress code.

However, it’s a wedding, not a circus, so don’t try to overdo it! This applies to everything and not just the clothes.

We understand the inside family competition. But, there is a difference between looking traditional and looking like an entire twinkling jewellery stall!

Keep the accessories minimal. Please avoid the head and hair pieces. Otherwise, you will ruin your beautiful wedding attire.

So you can go for a lot of styles. A peplum top with a simple Lehenga and an embellished Dupatta will look tasteful.

You also have the option to wear a Saree, not a bridal one though! Rather, an elegant and simple one.

The half and half Sarees are very popular for weddings. Fabrics like velvet, net, chiffon or silk with heavy embroidery are certainly on trend. The blouse also plays a crucial role in defining the Saree. Boat neck blouses are very much in style.

Although Sarees make you look attractive, draping them correctly is also a difficult task. See our guide here on how to wear a Saree in 5 simple steps. Along with, the Saree trends of 2017 here. 

Yet, if you want to avoid the Saree hassle, but still want an ethnic easy to wear appearance, you can wear an Anarkali. Suitable for any occasion, they are available in various styles and colours. The cut of an Anarkali dress is flattering from every angle. See our collection of long Anarkali Outfits Enchantingly Beautiful here.

Lastly, we know you’re a family wedding guest, but no need to show the excitement by caking up your face. Stay calm with the glitter. Only do up one thing, the eyes or the lips.

Neighbours Wedding

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Distance and location wise, your neighbours are probably the closest people around you. But, just remember, you don’t want to look embarrassing as you will see them every day.

You have been a must wedding guest on their list, and you want to make sure you look like a neighbour and not a family member.

A plain, well-tailored Salwar Kameez can be carried graciously at a neighbours wedding.

Subtle, neutral or solid colours are all you need. And, there is an immense possibility to play with the styling of a simple suit. Whether you pair it with a Banarasi Dupatta or an embroidered stole or shawl. You can easily transform the suit into a bespoke statement ensemble.

Additionally, adding a traditional Kundan jewellery set will surely take your plain Salwar Kameez suit to royal heights.

Jackets are also great options to perfectly transform plain suits into exclusive outfits. The jackets can be in velvet, raw silk or Banarasi. They can be of waist length or full ankle length, immediately giving your Salwar Kameez a defined look.

Third Party Wedding

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This is when you are invited to your friend’s sisters or brothers wedding, relatives of your family friends, or even your friend’s uncle or aunt who is often late to be getting married.

Although it’s certainly a nice gesture of them to invite you to their celebration. But, remember, you are a nobody at this event, and let’s keep it that way so you blend in with the rest of the wedding guests.

Any plain Salwar Kameez or a short Anarkali dress with minimal embroidery will do. In fact, if it’s a summer wedding, even the designer Lawn suits will fit in perfectly. They will look fresh and well with the season.

The flower detailing, funky designs and summery shades will surely look chic. Yet, not overly decorated. See our 5 Must-Buy Lawn Collection for Summer Fashion here.

Just stay away from anything bridal related like white lace. Also, please avoid bright lips and just add a small pair of earrings and some plain bangles. Most importantly, wear a smile of respect and honour.

We all struggle when it comes to deciding what to wear to a wedding.

So be the wedding guest who looks striking and somewhat sassy. Yet, not like an unwanted disco ball, with glittering flashes of light.

With the photo booth trend, there’s the pressure to look amazing. So you just want to be remembered for the right reasons!

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

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