5 Must-Buy Lawn Collections for Summer Fashion

As the Lawn madness kicks off in full swing, DESIblitz rounds up the season’s must-buy Lawn Collections worth breaking your bank!

Bright, fresh colours and a print-on-print aesthetic, makes for Elan’s distinct identity year after year.

In this limitless sea of options, are you looking for the must-buy Lawn Collections for summer 2017?

Well, we hope you are well-prepared for this massive textile invasion. Since, it is, after all, the official Lawn season!

Back home, Pakistanis are bound to be dealing with chaos, with over a 100 fashion and textile labels launching their collections. One after the other, amidst a frenzy of over-enthusiastic customers.

Man-sized billboards of famous Lawn brands muses crowd pavements.

Meanwhile, social media conversations include pre-booking timelines and frustrated women, complaining over how they missed out on their favourite print. Just because there wasn’t enough stock to fulfil their sartorial needs!

DESIblitz rounds up the top five must-buy Lawn Collections for this season.

Sana Safinaz

5 Must-Buy Lawn Collections for Summer Fashion

Embroidered floral patterns in bold colours, splashed across a backdrop of neutral whites and blacks, Sana Safinaz Lawn speaks affordable luxury at its best.

Famously known as the undisputed queens of Lawn, brand owners Sana and Safinaz, have been at the forefront of elevating Lawn to evening wear. The latest collection is no different.

Recently launched, the Sana Safinaz Spring/Summer’17 Lawn Collection, comprises embroidered net and jacquard, with delicate lace inserts and silk dupattas. Prints draw inspiration from Batik patterns, Russian floral motifs. As well as, ethnic geometrics.

It’s the one collection that strikes the perfect balance between bold and elegant. And hence, tops the must-buy Lawn Collections list for this season.

Loyal fans will be happy to know that the prices haven’t hiked from last year!

Zara Shahjahan

5 Must-Buy Lawn Collections for Summer Fashion

Amidst avalanches of unoriginal and over-the-top Lawn Collections, Zara Shahjahan’s latest Lawn offers a breath of fresh air.

Minimalistic paisley prints and floral bloom patterns are complemented with fine, understated embroidery. Alongside block-printed shalwars.

The new line of Lawn prints is a true representation of the South Asian culture and heritage.

While the subtle colour palette of pristine whites and soothing blues, perfectly compliments the scorching Summer sun of Pakistan.

Faraz Manan

5 Must-Buy Lawn Collections for Summer Fashion

For a couple of years, Kareena Kapoor has been the driving force behind Faraz Manan Lawn’s growing popularity. The glamorous, Bollywood brand ambassador, was enough to lure customers to give into their Lawn-related temptations.

That’s not to say that the star’s mass appeal was a cover-up for the quality. Manan’s Lawn has always maintained high standards. But, the latest collection is all about design than marketing tactics.

Colourful and eclectic, the prints exude bohemian vibes in their compositions. The collection introduces a variety of interesting embroidery techniques. From ethnic Suzani patterns to classic zari work.

There is a strong emphasis on bottoms with printed borders, and Chantilly lace inserts, adding a little oomph to your everyday trousers.


5 Must-Buy Lawn Collections for Summer Fashion

The label aptly refers to its Lawn as the ‘Lawn Couture.’ For it is the most-sought after Lawn, both in terms of design and quality. Sold out within minutes of its launch!

Shot at an exuberant outdoor location, in Spain. The collection draws inspiration from the rich culture of those exotic locales.

Bright, fresh colours and a print-on-print aesthetic, makes for Elan’s distinct identity year after year.

But, it’s the phenomenal attention-to-detail, and the continuous innovation in incorporating various different elements, that sets each suit apart.

You’ll find everything under the sun. From cross-stitched embroidered panels and vivid printed silk dupattas to feather trims and tassels. All juxtaposed with one another. Yet, blending in just like coffee in hot water.


5 Must-Buy Lawn Collections for Summer Fashion

The first glimpse of the sketches has us going giddy in the stomach!

Mahgul Rashid, the visual artist. Calling young fashion label Mahgul out-of-the-box will be the understatement of the century.

The brand is known for being original and for breaking all conventions of what constitutes design elements.

Although the brand has a niche popularity, the sheer fact is that their collections experiment textile limitations. And that is what lands Mahgul on our must-buy Lawn Collections list.

Stripes, symmetry, geometrics, and architecture interlaced with flora and fauna. 

If you are looking to blend in with the crowd, then this Lawn Collection isn’t for you. But, rather, if you prefer to be different, then we suggest you keep watching their social media space here.

Others on the List of Must-Buy Lawn Collections

5 Must-Buy Lawn Collections for Summer Fashion

The above five brands undoubtedly rate as the must-buys on our shopping list. Yet, there is plenty more!

Karachi-based designer, Farah Talib Aziz, has collaborated with Lakhany Silk Mills for a fun, flirty, and feminine collection.

The designer retains her signature of bright, blooming florals, and juxtaposes them with architectural patterns for a unique twist. It may come across as a mish-mash of patterns for some of the minimalists amongst us. But, if you like to be bold and flamboyant, it’d be worth investing in.

Also worth indulging in is Khaadi, for your daily fashion needs. The quintessential Pakistani label surpasses all in quality. The no-fuss designs and ever-breathable fabric can really help survive those soaring temperatures. However, the only drawback is that you are bound to find 10 other women wearing the same outfit as yours!

Finally, we recommend keeping an eye on Saira Shakira’s upcoming collection, which has taken Instagram by storm. Gorgeous Ayesha Omar looks stunning posing for the label. But, it’s also the contemporary designs that have us intrigued. Saira and Shakira are known to have a unique, modern approach. So it’ll be interesting to see Lawn that differs from the usual.

All said and done, you’ve got no time to spare! A lot of these collections are probably even sold out. The remaining require you to carefully clock down time differences and get shopping online, sharp at midnight.

The Lawn is a summer staple for Pakistani women. So the growing obsession is, arguably, dare we say, understandable!

However, over the past few years, from being just a utilitarian and a summer-appropriate fabric, the Lawn has quickly veered towards occasion wear.

Many renowned designers have used it as a canvas to replicate their distinct fashion identity. But, for a relatively more affordable option for their admirers. And, each year, more and more couturiers hop onto the bandwagon. Yet, only a few of them manage to lead the herd and secure massive popularity for the right reasons.

Just don’t go manic if you don’t get your favourite print!

Pakistani journalist living in the UK, committed towards promoting positive news and stories. A free-spirited soul, she enjoys writing on complicated topics that bust taboos. Her motto in life: "Live and let live."

Image courtesy of Official Facebook Pages of Sana Safinaz, Faraz Manan, Farah Talib Aziz and Zara Shahjahan, Official Instagram account of Mahgul, and Official Website of Elan.

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