Dalljiet Kaur clarifies Good Luck Wish for Shalin Bhanot

After Dalljiet Kaur wished her ex-husband Shalin Bhanot good luck ahead of the Bigg Boss 16 finale, she clarified why.

Dalljiet Kaur clarifies Good Luck Wish for Shalin Bhanot f

"My 'all the best' wish is not a whitewash on the past."

Dalljiet Kaur has clarified why she wished her ex-husband Shalin Bhanot good luck ahead of the Bigg Boss 16 finale.

On her Instagram Stories, Dalljiet posted a picture of herself and their son Shaarav.

She wrote: “Last few weeks for Bigg Boss to get over. Wish you all the best Shalin Bhanot. Be patient, be calm and stay strong.”

Her post came after an episode where Shalin had an emotional breakdown.

Shalin felt isolated as most of the other contestants had formed separate groups. Things escalated when Tina Datta badmouthed Dalljiet during an argument.

She told Shalin: “He is doing my character assassination, he could not maintain his ex-wife’s dignity properly, such a bad person.”

Dalljiet’s message confused social media users as she and Shalin divorced on bad terms in 2015.

Dalljiet accused Shalin of domestic abuse.

She has now explained why she wished Shalin good luck.

Dalljiet Kaur said: “It is a simple wish for someone I have known. I know the Bigg Boss house can be extremely challenging.

“My ‘all the best’ wish is not a whitewash on the past.

“It has been a crazy journey for me and my son but after years, I find myself sending a wish to him and I have no regret about it.

“Past will remain till the very end of my life and it will hurt every single time I’ll look back. But, I choose to look ahead in life. That’s why I chose to extend a wish for Shalin.”

In December 2022, Dajjiet shared an emotional post for Shalin after he broke down when he received a note from his family.

She wrote:

“Shalin, I’ve not seen Bigg Boss for a long time but came across this, I wish you well for this journey ahead.”

“Play fair. Play with your heart.”

In 2016, Shalin stated that despite their split, he would never badmouth his ex-wife publicly as he does not want to disrespect the mother of his child.

He said: “After the divorce happened, I was really scared and didn’t step out of the house for the first 17 days.

“And the first time I went out, I had gone to the gym because I wanted to work out and feel fresh and I had all eyes on me, as people form perceptions.”

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