Shalin Bhanot faces Backlash for Sexist Remark

Shalin Bhanot caused controversy for making a sexist remark towards fellow Bigg Boss 16 contestant Gautam Singh Vig.

Shalin Bhanot faces Backlash for Sexist Remark f

“Shalin Bhanot, women are never weak."

Shalin Bhanot has come under fire for his sexist remark towards Gautam Singh Vig.

The Bigg Boss 16 contestants were asked to compete for captaincy.

They were also asked to name three contestants who they do not want as a captain.

Shalin named Gautam Singh Vig, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Soundarya Sharma.

Giving his reasons why, Shalin called Gautam “aurat” (woman).

He also said that because Gautam is a “woman”, he is weak and should not compete in the race for captaincy.

Sajid Khan ended up becoming the new captain of the house.

But Shalin’s remarks have not gone down well with celebrities and viewers.

Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan, who has been reacting to the current season, slammed Shalin.

On Twitter, she wrote: “Shalin Bhanot, women are never weak. To think calling Gautam a woman is something derogatory, is extremely disappointing.

“If you want to insult someone, comment on their traits and personality you should have known about women and their strength right at your birth.

“Your mom is a woman.”

She angrily added: “Show some respect!”

Kushal Tandon, who also appeared on Bigg Boss 7, angrily reacted to Shalin’s words.

Stating that she never speaks about Bigg Boss, Kushal said:

“Well I don’t generally discuss Bigg Boss ever, having said that by chance saw the most boring season.

“Just wanted to say Shalin, who are you? How many lines of lawyers do you have?

“How much muscle power do you have? If you need a reality check, please contact me.”

Rajiv Adatia said: “The way Shalin said to Gautam ‘khamzor aurat’, seriously.

“And by the way, a woman is never weak! They are stronger than all of us men put together!

“They carry a child for nine months, men couldn’t even imagine! They are the strongest in every way!”

KKhushi Jaain defended her friend Gautam. Sharing a screenshot of Rajiv’s tweet, she wrote:

“You really need some lessons on moral values, calling women a weak gender shows your pathetic mentality.”

“But what do you expect from a so-called man who suggested to his fellow contestant to play the sympathy card (using her pet’s death).”

Shalin Bhanot’s behaviour on Bigg Boss 16 has been a topic of discussion.

He was previously seen undermining a doctor who entered the house to speak to him.

Shalin also pushed Archana Gautam out of his way during a task.

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