Shalin Bhanot reacts to Ex-Wife’s Upcoming Marriage

Former ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant Shalin Bhanot has reacted to his ex-wife Dalljiet Kaur’s upcoming marriage in March 2023.

Shalin Bhanot reacts to Ex-Wife's Upcoming Marriage f

"I am giving myself another chance"

Shalin Bhanot has reacted to his ex-wife’s upcoming marriage in March 2023.

Dalljiet Kaur announced that she will tie the knot with UK-based Nikhil Patel. After their marriage, she will move abroad with her nine-year-old son Jaydon.

Reacting to the upcoming wedding, Shalin said:

“I am yet to meet and talk to her. I am very happy for her.

“May God bless her and give her all the happiness she deserves.

“It’s normal for people to move on, and they should give life another chance. Some adjustments need to be made and that’s okay.”

On what he thinks about moving on and finding love again, Shalin added:

“Love is what I already have of my parents and siblings.

“I am giving myself another chance… but with myself.”

Dalljiet and Shalin got married in 2009 but separated in 2015, with Dalljiet accusing her ex-husband of domestic violence.

Shalin reached the final of Bigg Boss 16. During his time on the show, he claimed he was “best friends” with his ex-wife.

However, she refuted the claims and said:

“No, I am not your best friend Shalin. Meeting once in a month or two months for the sake of my child does not qualify as friendship.”

On Bigg Boss 16, Shalin Bhanot was criticised by viewers for his dramatic behaviour. Speaking about it, he said:

“I am proud to be an actor. Call me a joker, but I will do anything to entertain the audience. I am finally being called an actor.

“What more could I ask for?

“I have been acting for a decade, and it’s natural for it to reflect in my mannerisms.

“Having said that, ever since I stepped out of the house, everyone has been telling me that I was real and played from the heart.

“I did a lot of things that seemed caricaturish, but those who know me are aware that’s how I am.”

“I do gimmicks, cross-dress and dance too. Maybe, the people inside the house didn’t know this about me.

“Everyone was also getting frustrated with me for not getting affected by their jokes on me, and that eventually turned into bullying.

“I went through a difficult phase emotionally. It was quite ugly.”

After the show, Shalin was named the male lead in Ekta Kapoor’s new show Bekaboo. He added:

“I am overwhelmed with the love I have got through this show.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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