Meera Jee criticises Mahira Khan’s ‘Maula Jatt’ Role

Pakistani actress Meera Jee has criticised Mahira Khan’s role in ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’, claiming she would have done a better job.

Meera Jee criticises Mahira Khan's 'Maula Jatt' Role f


“I think I could have done an amazing job.”

In a recent interview, Meera Jee criticised Mahira Khan’s role in The Legend of Maula Jatt, claiming that she could have acted better than her.

Since its release, The Legend of Maula Jatt has been a massive success.

The film stars Fawad Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mahira Khan.

Meera revealed that she has watched the film and while she liked Fawad’s performance, she had some criticism for Mahira.

The actress spoke about Mahira’s Punjabi accent in the action-drama, claiming it was not up to scratch.

Meera said: “I think Mahira Khan’s Punjabi accent… was terrible.”

She also said that Mahira spoke very offensive Punjabi in the film.

Meera went on to say that she could have given a better performance. She stated:

“I think I could have done an amazing job.”

Social media users took to the comments to somewhat agree with Meera Jee.

One user commented: “She’s right. Her accent was terrible. Better suited to Saba Qamar IMO.”

Claiming that Mahira may have been better suited to playing the titular character’s mother, another said:

“Yes agree, could have done a better job as Fawad’s mother.”

A third said: “I agree, she spoilt the film.”


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Fans of the box office hit movie also took to Twitter to criticise Mahira Khan’s general participation in The Legend of Maula Jatt.

One person explained: “Meera herself may not be the most popular person around but she is spot on here.

“In terms of both her performance and her Punjabi accent, Mahira is the weakest link amongst the entire star cast of the movie.”

While some sided with Meera, others slammed her criticism, with many trolling her attempt at an English accent.

One told her: “Improve your English accent first.”

Another comment read: “Sort your English first before you judge others.”

Coming to Mahira’s defence, one person said:

“She (Meera) always thinks she can do it better lol whether it’s Humsafar, Maula Jatt or her English accent.”

During the interview, Meera Jee also claimed that many Hollywood actors wanted to date her.

When asked who her favourite actor is, Meera said she did not have a favourite.

But she revealed that 365 Days actor Michele Morrone messaged her on Instagram.

Meera said: “Do you know that guy Michele Morrone, he approached me, DM’d me on my Instagram to date me.

“But I got nervous as I’ve never dated a guy.”

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