The Botanist ~ Sample Nature-Inspired Food and Cocktails

Indulge in delicious food and exquisite cocktails with The Botanist. DESIblitz reviews this enchanting bar/restaurant and its many delights.

The Botanist ~ Sample Nature-Inspired Food and Cocktails

This unique take on the popular dish presents a kebab literally hanging above the plate!

Are you keen to try a restaurant that offers scrumptious food and indulgent cocktails? The Botanist offers just that, taking influence from horticulture and botanical inspirations.

With visually engaging decor, The Botanist has become one of Birmingham’s much-loved bars and restaurants.

Opened in 2015, the Birmingham chain of this unique brand has grown from strength to strength. Every day, it welcomes a strong number of visitors.

DESIblitz visited the establishment to sample some of its standout dishes and gives you a full review of what to expect!

Delightful Meals presented in Unusual Ways

The Botanist offers a multitude of dishes to choose from in its menu. From classic home comfort meals to their famous Hanging Kebabs, visitors have the chance to sample the best dishes from a variety of cuisines, including British and Middle Eastern.

The menu also caters to all kinds of diets and requirements. And as the restaurants’ layout includes an open kitchen, you can watch the chefs prepare the meals.

Made with fresh ingredients, visitors can expect wonderful starters such as the Basket of Wings and Crispy Calamari.

However, its standout has to be the Creamy Truffle Mushrooms. Served inside a crusty roll, the starter contains lots of flavours from the combinations of ingredients and herbs.

The Botanist ~ Sample Nature-Inspired Food and Cocktails

For dinner, we would recommend The Botanist’s famous Hanging Kebabs. This unique take on the popular dish presents a kebab literally hanging above the plate! Served in a specially-designed plate, you can select from a variety of meats or a vegetarian option for your kebab.

The Botanist also gives you the choice of a sauce to go with your kebab and sides. This intriguing meal offers a fun, novel way to eating your kebab.

What remains present in all of the restaurant’s meals is their presentation. The Botanist ensures that all dishes are served in exciting designs, from the hanging kebab to scampi and chicken wings presented in ‘treasure chests’.

Cocktails inspired from Mother Nature

In addition to its mouth-watering food, The Botanist offers an equally extensive cocktail list. From shorts to bellini’s to martini’s, the restaurant also hails as an enchanting bar.

Each cocktail is hand-crafted by the bar’s experienced staff. Drawing influence from horticulture, expect to find your cocktail containing elements from the garden. From various fruit to herbs such as sage, thyme and rosemary, they take an organic twist on classic cocktails.

One such standout cocktail, named Raspberry & Sage Spritz, features a concoction of raspberry vodka, sage, white wine and lemonade. When mixed together, this delectable cocktail offers summery flavours to the palette.

We also recommend you try the Strawberry & Cucumber Breeze and the Honey & Sage Manhatten. But regardless of which cocktail you fancy, they serve as delightful refreshments to your meal.

The Botanist ~ Sample Nature-Inspired Food and Cocktails

Breathtaking Decor

The Botanist isn’t just well-known for its succulent dishes and drinks. It also hails as a visually creative location. Taking full inspiration from classical British gardens, the decors contains hues of greens and browns to reflect nature.

Decorated with natural plants, the restaurant creates a vibrant atmosphere that feels pleasant and relaxing.

In particular with the Birmingham chain, its front terrace serves as the ideal location for summer drinks, either in the afternoon or warm evening.

The Botanist ~ Sample Nature-Inspired Food and Cocktails

After dining at the restaurant, our team were “particularly impressed by the quirky interior design of the place and their menu design which continued the botany theme”.

Overall, The Botanist hails as a “very good experience” and an excellent place to meet with friends and work colleagues.

With a range of meals and cocktails on offer, you can’t go wrong with visiting the restaurant for after-work drinks or catching up with old friends.

With welcoming, attentive service, you will experience a friendly atmosphere, dining in a unique, natural environment.

Simply put, The Botanist is the place to be when visiting Birmingham! Check out their website to find out more and see where your nearest chain is.

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Images courtesy of The Botanist.

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